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About Exotic Caribbean Wedding Destinations

If you dream about a beautiful tropical wedding on a white sandy beach, you may want to select one of the several exotic Caribbean wedding destination locations.

The Caribbean consists of several islands and island chains, any of which would be perfect for a destination package wedding.

Whether you choose The U.S. Virgin Islands, Aruba, The Caymans or some other Caribbean location, you can be sure of pristine beaches , for your wedding and luxury hotels for the reception and honeymoon.

Look for a package deal that includes the ceremony site and then a hotel for a reception, hence, the phrase “wedding-moon”.

Be sure your passports are valid. Also find out if there are residency requirements, inoculations, licenses and registration fees that may be required for non U.S. Caribbean island wedding venues.

Decide on your must haves for your wedding and honeymoon, then look for a wedding package that fits your dreams and budget Costs for these wedding, excluding travel and lodging, vary from one resort to another, and there is a range of price option offered by individual resorts. This is affected by length of stay, view from your room, meals and other perks. Air fares can also vary widely so check on line for the best deals.

Some on line travel services can save you a bundle, Also ask if your hotel offers package air lodging deals The day of the week you travel can have an impact on what fare you pay. Your travel agent may be aware of savings ,not available to the public.

You can get a destination package Caribbean wedding for $300.00 to $4000.00 not including airfare and lodging, so even if you are on a limited budget, you can still have the lovely island wedding of your dreams. If you are willing to get married during the Low Winter season, you can save up to 40% , however get Hurricane insurance incase a storm comes during your Caribbean wedding destination trip.

Caribbean Theme Wedding Ideas

What a marvelous idea! Whether you want to celebrate your special day on an exotic island, or you just want to recreate that atmosphere, be sure that you will impress your guests. In case that the first option is available for you, the best way to ensure that everything will be OK is to get in touch with a wedding planner from the island you wish to have for your reception.

Such a help can prove to be invaluable in terms of finding a place to organize the wedding, dealing with all the documentation and finding accommodations for all your guests. Consider letting the guests know early that you are planning a wedding across the border, so they can make all their vacation arrangements in time. But if you are fond of the idea of a Caribbean theme wedding and cannot afford such an expense as a wedding on an exotic island, you can bring the air of the Caribbean even where you live, if you choose the best design ideas.

Start by choosing the colors for your decorations in watery blue tones, sandy tones and vivid tropical colors. Use Caribbean flowers, like orchids, anthuriums and birds of paradise to decorate each table in the room. You can also choose for the bridesmaids some colorful dresses, in Caribbean tones, while you can still wear the traditional white dress. The main décor may be enhanced with some artificial palm trees and the ceiling may be decorated with rich gold fabric. Tiki torches will add to the feeling that this wedding is a little piece of the Caribbean islands.

For the best original effect, search for a reggae band to sing at your wedding or hire a DJ that knows good music from the Caribbean. Your guests will feel the upbeat atmosphere and they will have a lot of fun. Some Caribbean sweets will complete your Caribbean theme wedding. A black cake is usually served at traditional Caribbean weddings, so go for one, too. Do not forget about some exotic drinks and your wedding plan is complete.Enjoy your special day in an exotic atmosphere, at the light of Tiki torches, under the Caribbean sky!

About Destination Wedding Hawaii

What bride to be hasn’t dreamed of a destination wedding Hawaii style. Can’t you just picture yourself standing with your beloved on a Hawaiian beach with the surf lapping at your feet as you pronounce your vows? Well, that dream can come true and at an affordable price if you choose a destination package wedding. You may wonder what a destination wedding is. This is a wedding that occurs away from where the couple lives. Usually an exotic tropical location is chosen such as Hawaii, Cozumel, Florida, or the Bahamas.

Download Free Printable Hawaii Greeting Card Template

The package can differ from one provider to another as to what is covered. Some companies cover almost everything from airfare to the site usage, lodging, officiant, license fees, reception, cake and photographer. Others cover only a few items such as the ceremony, registration and license fees and the minister. Decide what elements you must have for your Hawaiian wedding and look for an agency that can provide the services you want.

In Hawaii you can choose which island you want to be married on and what setting. Pick a church, hotel ballroom, beach, waterfall, mountain top or a court house. Many wedding venues charge usage or clean up fees and limit the amount of time you can have at a particular location, so before you sign a contract be sure of all the details. What services are provided? How much time is allowed for your affair? Are there extra charges such as ground usage or clean-up? You don’t need any surprise charges. Whether you want to get married at a luau or the beach, under a waterfall or in a native Hawaiian village, it would be wise if possible to visit the venue ahead of time. Ask questions and again be sure that everything you want is in the contract.

Ask all package wedding providers what recourse you have if a vendor fails to deliver the requested services. Be aware that many airlines and hotels offer group rates in case family and friends want to attend your destination wedding, Hawaii venue and honeymoon spot. Now relax and enjoy your destination wedding Hawaii style.

Destination Wedding Dress

A destination wedding dress is usually a bit less formal than a dress for a wedding at a church or banquet hall. Most destination weddings take place on the beach so you won’t want to choose a log dress with a train. However you can look just as beautiful and elegant as any other bride. There are designers who offer dresses intended specifically for beach and other outdoor weddings.

They are designed to travel well and to offer the bride the comfort and ease of movement while getting in and out of the car and walking on a sandy beach, but still looking elegant on the dance floor. When choosing your wedding dress consider how you will transport it to the wedding site. Take into account the climate. Long sleeves and hoop skirts will make you uncomfortable. Most of these dresses are relatively inexpensive and many are washable. You can purchase one for about $500.00 Avoid heavy velvet, cottons and fabrics that stain or wrinkle easily.

Remember that your dress will have to travel. Do not pack it with your other luggage. It is not unusual for luggage to be lost and that is the last thing you need to have happen. you can quickly replace everyday items on short notice but not your wedding dress. Take it with you and see if the airline will hang it in the flight attendants’ cabin. Some destination locations like Las Vegas have shops that offer dress rentals. This is an option if your don’t have a desire to own and save your wedding dress. Check with the venue manager if this interests you.

When you get to your hotel, unpack the dress right away so that any wrinkles can fall out. If there are many sharp wrinkles ask the desk clerk for an iron or find out if they have a professional on staff who can press it for you. When choosing a dress for your destination wedding take your locale into consideration. A glitzy formal dress may work at a hotel on the Vegas strip but you will want to choose a less formal dress for your destination package wedding.

Theme Tropical Ideas

They have cards with tropical designs for the tropical wedding. You will find as we did that there are many unique theme tropical wedding ideas to choose from when planning this type of wedding. When we were planning my daughters wedding, we wanted a tropical wedding, but we found so many ideas it was hard to choose. There also was some mention of a water park wedding since the tropical weather is there as well as all the décor as well. Renting the water park for the entire day was the option my daughter chose. The water park was designed after a Wisconsin Dells water park and had palms trees, humidity, water everywhere and tables and chairs for guests to sit. The ceremony was preformed right in the water park with everyone in swimsuits, summer clothes and even bare feet.

After they said, “I do”, they climbed the stairs to the water slide and as they came down into the water, they were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. for the guests. It was an amazing wedding and reception and quite unique as well. Sure, theme tropical wedding ideas can be about anything, no one will forget about this wedding for a long time. Everyone celebrated by enjoying the water park and having fun.

For the dinner, we were in a conference type room and everyone just went in their water park clothes. We ate and had fun. There was no dancing, only water slides and fun. People told my daughter how impressed they were with her choice of wedding plans and how much they enjoyed the experience. The kids were really excited, but of the adults I think had more fun.