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Event Reminder Email Template

1. In the body of the letter, make sure you mention the date of the event.

2. Other information that this letter should contain are relevant details of the event such as the address of the place where the event will be held at.

3. If there is an attendance sheet or a link where the participants have to sign up to confirm that they are coming, make sure you attach it to the document and that it is easy to download.

4. The email should contain keywords in the subject line such as reminder and event, or please confirm etc.

5. When you have created the letter, send the reminder email at least a week before the event. This way if someone has forgotten about it, they still have time to make arrangements and arrive to the event in question.

6. When you sign he letter, include your title, if you have any.

Letter example

Subject line: Reminder to register for the annual Gala

Dear Ms. Mason,

This is a reminder to confirm your attendance at the annual gala event held by Evalueserve. All employees are welcome to bring a guest to this event. Note that participation is compulsory.

The event will take place at 4 pm in the afternoon on the 12th of March on Saturday. The address of the hall where the Gala will be held is 236 Kimball Street, 28988 Chicago.

If you haven’t done yet so, please register to the event following the registration link bellow.

Thank you for your attendance.

Miguel Palmer
Event Organizer, Evalueserve