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Engagement Party Invitation Templates

Engagement parties are special occasions not only for the couple, but for the family and the friends as well.

When two people decide to become engaged, usually they want to show their love in front of a lot of people.

This is why engagements can be very touching, meaningful moments, and also times of happiness and joy.

Engagement parties are usually organized to share the joy and the love with those that are the closest to you.

Such parties can be theme parties as well, but often they are just gatherings where people eat food, dance and have a lovely time with their closest friends.

Here You Can Print Your Own Engagement Party Invitations

Print your own engagement invitations! That sentence can put fear into the hearts of most the brides to be. They think I don’t have the talent, or the time. How would I even know where to begin.

And why would I want to even think about it? Well, I will answer all of your questions and show you the benefits of taking on this project. Why would you want to tackle a project like this? The main reason is to save money. Invitations can be quite pricey. We have seen invitations that cost 5.00 each.

Engagement Party Invitation Template

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We were immensely excited when the engagement for our last sister was fixed. She was always our kid sister and we never thought of her as a grown up person. She was also very reserved and hardly spoke to boys. Some people thought that should was destined to stay single. She was also particular on many things which didn’t help in any way either.

 So it was pretty difficult to hope that she would find a good person to marry. But then she met this wonderful guy who was just the way she wanted her hubby to be. He was very different from her in many ways, but that is how she wanted it to be in the first place. She would always say that if two people are identical, then one of them is redundant.

After the date of the engagement was fixed, we planned to print the invitations to send to our friends, relatives and colleagues at work. We wanted to follow the etiquette for engagement announcements invitations and so searched a number of websites for the wording for engagement announcements.

Then we came across with incredible site where we could view engagement announcements of different kinds and also print them instantly to send to our friends and family members. 

 Of course, each of us had our favorites, but then we all put our heads together and chose that suited all of us as a family. Then we printed that particular wording from the website and sent it as an invitation to all our friends and family members. The invitation wording that we sent read as follows:

We have arranged the engagement for our last daughter this weekend.
We invite you to be a part of this happy family gathering and share our joy.

Happy Sis
Clara Clayton, CO