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Best Email Template Layout Samples

There are many HTML templates online that you can use.

If you are not familiar with templates and it is the first time you are looking for one, it is not always so easy to determine which one is the best for you.

HTML templates come ready coded and can be edited and customized for a unique email, but you don't necessarily need any knowledge of HTML in order to be able to use them. In such a template you can add images, edit text and you have even more options in order to have a beautiful and visually appealing email in the end.

Newsletter templates are the most essential parts of email marketing, and if you have a company and you want to have a good relationship with your client, you also need a great newsletter template. Fortunately there are several places where you can find some of the best email templates and download them. Often there are also free email templates, but most of them cost less than $20.

Vandelay Design

This website has lots of email templates to choose from, and also some very classy and elegant ones that fit well with any business.

Their most beautiful and best email templates for newsletters are the Metro, Copro, Market, Karma, Oceanic Email, Modern Business 3 Light and more.

All of these HTML templates come with several headings, links and a beautiful, attractive design. They are not only designed by experts to look good, but they are also easy to follow for the reader. All the links and headlines are placed not only to look nice from a visual point of view, but also to give the chance to the prospective clients to subscribe or make a purchase in just a click.


This website offers some of the best HTML email templates ready to use, and they don't require any knowledge of HTML from the user. This means that you can easily edit and use their templates without having to worry about writing code.

Their best email templates include Cloudsherpas Event Mail, Javelin training email, Javelin email template and more.

These emails templates have been created to help your business, using specific colors, shapes, designs and placement that will make the reader interested to find out more about what you want to say. These emails won't just be deleted.

Theme Forest

Theme Forest is one of the most well known websites of email templates and other types of templates. They have hundreds of designs and customers worldwide, who make their businesses more successful thanks to these beautiful email templates.

Their most popular templates are the Airmail template, the Blau Mail template, the Fresh Email template, the Versatile Email template, the Tech Offers template and more. The AirMail template is known for its narrow design, so it works with all kinds of devices and email clients.

Blau Mail is the favorite of many businesses, thanks to all the options that it comes with. It comes in many color schemes and various layouts that you can choose from.

The Fresh newsletter template is one of the best ones because of its clearly defined sections. These sections make it easier to divide the space that the template has to offer.