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Email Template Design Samples and Tips

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 There are quite a few email providers out there. The most common ones are: Gmail, Yahoo mail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Apple Mail and so on.

However, editing your email is almost impossible if you use these email providers.

Usually there are some basic things that you can change, but if you want to add something more professional looking such as a logo, you will need to try something different.

Did you know that you can create your own personalized and customized emails?

No matter what your purpose is with them, you can simply use email templates and programs that help you create the best and most effective emails. They will be beautiful and very useful, and they often come with extra options for you.

Writing an email can be difficult sometimes, but with the help of templates, you don’t have to do much, except customize a ready written email with a lovely design. It is that easy!

Email templates are a very cool thing indeed. Not only that they save you time from creating images, designs and text for emails, but they also make you look professional for example if you are contacting a company where you are looking for a job. Besides this they can also be indispensable for certain companies and businesses. If you have been struggling to reach out to clients you won’t have to worry anymore about it thanks to the email templates that come with responsive email software.

That’s right: besides having the possibility to use ready-made easy-to-customize email templates, a lot of website also offer tools and software that will do even more for you. The best programs track the emails that you have created and sent out, so you can see what the effect of your campaign was. Email templates and email software are provided by many companies, and their prices vary a great deal. Many times you have the chance to try the program before you buy it, so you can see their main features.

Email templates are of many types, and they can be basically anything from private emails such as Christmas email templates to very serious business email templates that again have many types. A lot of students use templates when they write to teachers but you can also have a very nice email template for an online birthday invitation. Companies can have lovely email templates for newsletters that will look professional, easy to follow and straight to the point. While a holiday email template can make your friends admire your work, a business email template can change the future of your company easily.

Where to look for email template designs and software

1. Mailchimp

        This website has templates for experts and beginners in the world of email templates. They have many beautiful designs that are simple to use, and that will make you look like a pro. Besides these they also offer basic templates for the everyday use. If you would like to use their text editor or download one of their templates, you need to sign up. Many templates here are for free.

 2. TemplateZone

Here you can find great templates for marketing purposes, but not only. You can try all the applications for 30 days, and then you have the option to purchase various features. Some of these features include email templates, using the eMail designer, the Photo editor, the Color manager, the Ready Share and more. All of these features together give you the opportunity to easily create the best email templates.

3.  Icontact

         This is an email marketing website from Vocus. They also offer a free trial that you should definitely take advantage of. They have fully customizable, beautiful email templates with various designs and layouts. The templates are fully customizable, you can add your own logo, images, text and more. All the layouts here are inbox tested, which means that you can be sure that when the client gets the email, it will look good as it appears in the inbox.

4. Theme Forest

       This website offers a list of templates, each with a description and a price. Their templates are around $15. For each you can also find the compatible browsers, this way you can make sure that the email will look great if you use a specific browser. Most of these templates are compatible with browsers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Apple Mail and so on.

5.  Bench Market Mail

        On this website you can find a special marketing tool that you can use for many things and that will make emails once and for all trouble free. This is one of the best marketing tools that you can find online, and you can try it for free. You can get the free trial by signing up. Thanks to this you will be able to edit your email just like you would edit a blog or website. Definitely worth to try!

6.  Atom Park

          the Atom Park software offers the Mass Mailer, which can be very useful if you have a business. The Atomic Mail Sender sends mass emails and you can access it right from your desktop. If you want to reach out to as many people as possible, this software will help you with it. There are no limits to the number of recipients and you can create a professional looking email thanks to the HTML features. Using an email tracking device you can see how effective the email campaigns are.

7.  Sign Up To

         Another email marketing and email automation website with many great offers. You can get started with this software for free to see how it works. Using this program will make your investments worthwhile. You will be able to create beautiful and interesting emails, that will catch the attention of the receiver. You will be able to do all this in a very easy way. The program comes with free inbox testing, marketing automation, free email templates and so on.


8.  Campaign Monitor

         This website offers a template builder which you can use to create a free HTML template in just a minute. There are some other features as well that you can find here. The template that you create will not only look great in the inbox, but it can also be viewed on phones. It has been fully tested, which means that you can rely on it completely. Besides this tool there are many great designs that you can use for free for your emails. You can sign up to take advantage of all the features.

9. Zurb

         The responsive email templates at Zurb will make sending emails much easier. Making your email responsive will give you more feedback than ever, thus you will have a higher chance to find the right marketing method. Whether you own a small business or a big business, responsive emails are indispensable. Most of the templates are made with CSS, a more complex and better code for creating layouts.

10.  Direct Mail Mac

           Here you can compose stunning mails of all kinds. You can preview the template to see how it will look in the inbox of different groups of clients. Sending will also be easier if you use this website, you don’t have to worry about the number of emails you need to send. You can also be sure that what you send will arrive to its destination. All emails can be tracked in real time to see what’s happening with them and get a response.

15 Email Template Design Best Practices:

1.    Keep your design simple

2.    Make links visible by adding underlining or making them bold

3.    Don’t embed videos

4.    If you add an image, make sure it is not bigger than 650 pixels.

5.    Avoid background images, use colors instead

6.    Use all caps in headers

7.    If you use images, use preferably JPEG formats and never PNG formats.

8.    Use bullet points

9.     Add a share button

10.    Don’t use too many images

11.    Make it easy for receivers to unsubscribe

12.    Test the email before you send it

13.    Use tables to make the layout easier to follow

14.    Avoid creating pop up emails

15.    Add only as much text as necessary


Email Template Design Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop is a great program for many things, including designing email templates. If you have Photoshop already at hand, you can make a beautiful layouts with logos and images and even add text. Working in Photoshop is not so difficult, especially with the right tutorial.

Here you can follow step by step the way to a great email template.

Email Template Design Cost

 The price of an email template design can vary a great deal. For a private template you can often get something quite cheap and even for free. There are plenty of free email templates out there on the internet that you can customize. Some of them are not for free, and in this case you will have to pay approx. $15 for a template.

Other email templates that are more professional looking and that can be used for business can be more expensive. It is worth to invest into a template program that you can use for as long as you want for making as many email templates as you like. Often these software also come with free templates.

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