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Email Response Template Form

An email response template such as an auto reply template can be an out of office reply, but also a general reply to questions asked by customers. A lot of companies use auto reply for frequent questions.

Out of office replies are relevant for keeping a good customer relationship. Thanks to such a message the customer will know that the reply is late for objective reasons.


1. Keep the reply short. It should contain only relevant information for the customer.

2. The subject line should clearly state what the message is for.

3. The email has to contain the dates of the leave, so the customer knows when to expect a reply.

4. Offer a way to be contacted for emergencies and an email of an assistant for general questions.


Subject Line: Out of office reply

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your message. I am currently out of office until the 3rd of April with limited access to my email.

Please contact my assistant, Dora Parson at For any urgent matters contact me at 236-179-472.


John Valdez