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Email Auto Reply Template Software

Auto responses save you the time and the trouble to reply to emails when you cannot, or when you are busy with something else.

If the same questions are coming in again and again, you can simply set an auto responder and give yourself a rest from sending the same replies over and over again.

While most email clients give you the possibility to set auto responder emails, you can also find special software that will do it all for you.

Most email auto responder programs have special options and various tools that will do everything for you.

Exclaimer Auto Responder

This software is a complex program that comes with graphics and static text for an easy auto reply. It is easy to use and you can create various groups with different saved auto reply emails. There are many further options and possibilities that you can set with Exclaimer Auto Responder to make everything go smoothly.

You can download this program for free for a trial, to see how it works and to understand its benefits. The price of the software is $439 for the full package, but you can also buy it for a year for $87.

Atomic Email Auto Responder

A software from Atom Park, this software is essential for an effective communication with your customers. The program recognizes the content of the email by keywords, and knows what to reply to the certain email according to your settings. This way you don't even need to read the emails, the program will do it all for you.

Having such an auto responder will make your customers loyal: after all they will always get a reply right away, and they don't have to wait days until they find out whether their email was even received or not.

The Atomic Email Auto Responder can be purchased for less than $40, which is an onetime fee.

Auto Reply Manager for Outlook

If you have Outlook and you would like to make communication between your company and your clients smoother, try the Auto Reply Manager for Outlook. This program will help you send replies right from your Desktop.

This software will send out replies according to your settings: you need to come up with certain rules (such as keyword content for an email), and the software will take them into consideration when sending replies. You will also have a detailed log that can help you see what happened while you were gone.

You can download a free trial version of the program, or buy it for less than $40 and use it as much as you want.