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Free Elegant Invitation for Christmas Party & Other Printables

 A Christmas party can be a very elegant occasion.

If you are planning one for your boss or your work place, you can make it very stylish and luxurious. An elegant dinner party can have a festive atmosphere.

You have to set the theme of the party before and let the guests know about the dress code.

For such a party the men have to wear suits and the women something elegant as well, such as a little black dress. If you pay attention to such details and also think about the decorations, this will be an unforgettable event.


Party Decorations

For an elegant Christmas party use colors such as pastel, silver, gold, and white. Combining these three will have a great success. Use white china with silver or gold edges, gold napkins, and gold or silver candle holders. Use name tags printed on white paper and gold letters. You can also create a menu card to make the party even more elegant and classy.

Use dim lights and many candles around the dining area. You can also hang some garlands in gold and silver color. However, make sure that for such a party you don't overuse decorations. A part of the elegance is also that everything is still simple and minimalistic.

Party Activities

For such an elegant party look for the great classic Christmas songs. There are special CDs with collections of such songs. If you have enough space, you can set the area up for dancing. A Christmas waltz for example will surely set the mood, and it will still keep the festive elegant atmosphere.

You can also watch one of the classic Christmas movies such as It's a Wonderful Life. Look for this old movies in HD and play it on a flat screen TV. Dim the lights in the room, but leave the candles on. The guests can sip wine or champagne during the movie.

Party Invitations

Choose invitations that are suitable for the theme: something simple, elegant, minimalistic, yet still Christmassy. Choose something on a white background written with gold or silver letters. It can be something as simple as that. You can also look for free printable invitations online, such as gold on white background. If you can't find anything like that, just print one of the regular Christmas invitations on gold paper.

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