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Download Wedding Invitation Templates

Free wedding invitations to print- wedding announcements for free

A wedding involves strict management of various affairs and the opportunity of getting free wedding invitations to print is always a welcome one.

You should remember that a nice homemade card often produces the desired effect instead of an expensive store bought one.

A personally designed card also gives you a chance to unleash your creativity without any restrictions. A nice touch to each card would make the guests feel special and help you save a bundle of costs in the process.

As long as you choose the right resources for your preparation, there is no chance of you facing any hassles. The layout of the invitation card should be your primary concern because it would provide the first impression about the wedding to your guests.Unless the event is based on any particular theme, you can just go for a simple and clutter free look that has a classic charm.

There are several places that would help you determine the color schemes so you get a contrasting mix of attractive colors. The free wedding invitations to print also require your special wordings or verses reflecting the ceremony. You can find lots of religious, ethnic or romantic verses in wedding announcements here .

Our resources will meet all your requirements. The card must also convey important information such as date, time and venue of the wedding to avoid confusion among your guests. You can buy complete wedding invitation kits or search for special templates to help you get matching designs on the layout.

The style of verse offerings are also presented in these pre-formatted templates for your convenience. If you are not too fond of traditional posts, you can simply host your card online and mail it to your guests so you can be sure that it reaches them on time. Once you start to make free wedding invitations to print, you would be amazed at the final quality of your work.

Download and Print Cheap Wedding Invitation Kits & DYI Samples

Cheap wedding invitation kits make life so much easier for the bride who wants to create her own unique discount wedding invitations It is less expensive and not difficult to make your own invitation. Here at our website you will find delightful homemade free printable wedding kits. 

Choose your wedding invitation design and ideas with care since the invitation sets the scene and proclaims your wedding theme. Once you have decided on your design, you have to choose or create the creative wording to suit your needs. You may think that you don’t have the time to sit down and make 100+ invitations by hand, but you do. Once you have chosen the design and wording and purchased one or more wedding invitation kits, all you have to do is set the number of copies and sit back and wait for the invitations to come out of your ink jet or laser printer.

With all the wedding invitations that are on the market why would anyone want to make their own invitations? The biggest reason is to save money. I have seen invitations with enclosures for more than four dollars each. You can do your own for less than half that. Time saved from having to run all over town to find your perfect invitation and then have to wait for delivery, is another factor. You can choose between traditional and modern etiquette or select a unique verse that is totally your own.

If you don’t want to make your own invitations, you can order hand made affordable invitations from resources on our site. Some manufacturers sell kits that have just the invitations and envelopes in one kit and RSVP, thank you and place card blanks are sold in separate cheap wedding invitation kits.

Find Here Unusual Creative Wedding Invitation Template

You don’t want a cookie cutter wedding invitation, you are looking for a one of a kind invitation that speaks to who you are as a couple. The best way to achieve this is to use a unique creative wedding invitation. At we have a delightful collection of wedding invitation templates, designs and wording samples all of which you are welcome to use and or adapt to suit your needs.

 What wedding theme are you planning for? Western, beach, casual, Christmas or other holiday, you can get templates for all of these weddings and more. If you can think of it, there is probably a template and design that will work for you. Western invitations can use an old time wanted poster template, or one that calls for a round up such as:

A roundup
of the friends and family
of Rosalie Marie Porto
Anthony Joseph Caruso
to share in their joy
as they are married

This invitation had a rope border with a cowboy hat in each corner. Rosie and Tony wrote their own wording. A Christmas wedding invitation template may be shaped like a Christmas tree or gift. You have a lot of freedom when you make your own cheap invitations.

Modern invitation etiquette allows for creative wording as long as it isn’t offensive or vulgar. Have fun creating your own wording that fits your theme and still reflects what you and your groom mean to one another. When you set out to make your own invitations, remember that your guests will use the invitations to get a feel for the tone of your wedding. So don’t use formal wording on flip flop invitations for a beach wedding.

Choose from unique creative wedding invitation templates for an invitation that is truly one of a kind.




Every one of us was in high spirits when the wedding date was decided for my niece. She had kept postponing her marriage for a long time due to her studies. She was the studious type just like my sister and wanted to complete her higher studies before she got married and settled down. So naturally, we all let out a sigh of relief when she finally agreed to the marriage. We came to know of the boy through a mutual acquaintance and that is how the wedding proposal came about.

Being the uncle of the bride, I took on the responsibility of getting the invitation cards printed well ahead of time. I always preferred getting things ready well in advance to avoid last minute complications. So the responsibility of printing the invitation cards for the wedding suited my tastes well.

As the list of invitees was getting ready, I started searching for tips on where to download wedding Invitations. I knew that there were sites in which downloadable templates were available. I just needed to find them. So I browsed through the net high and low and then came upon your site. The site ideally suited my requirement.

First of all, the site had a great collection of templates for wedding Invitations that really pleased my tastes. The designs were professionally designed and looked just great. These were printable designs that I could straight away print on paper. All I had to do was choose a design that we all liked and then send the printed reception party cards to the families of the bride and the groom. Since my niece likes flowers, I chose a floral design. If you are wondering where to download wedding invitations, then look no further than this place. It has everything you need to this purpose.

Uncle of the Bride
Jim Edwards, PA

It is Worth Looking into Cool Wedding Invitations?

 I always prefered cool stuff :-) so I was looking online for my ideas of cool wedding invitations and I must tell you that I did find something that was worth it.
I am sure if you visit this place you too would find something that would attract your attention. What is good about it is that everything available over here is absolutely free of cost and there are no hidden charges or membership special zones. Yes, it is true and with the quality of the templates and the products this is indeed really amazing.

If you like any of the contents then all you have to do is simply download them and save them in your computer disk. Once saved you need to print them out and your cards are ready for you. This is truly a simple work and you would enjoy the simplicity with which you can do it. It helps immensely during a crunch time when the arrangements for a wedding are going on ad I personally loved the cool wedding invitations that are available. They are unconventional yet rich in content and provide so much information and value.


Marta Thomson

New York