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Download Free Printable Business Card Template for Word

Avery is one of the website where you can download and use free printable business card templates.

There are plenty of designs that you can choose from, which can later be customized according to your wishes.

In order to use certain free business card templates at Avery, you will have to register. However, the process is quite fast, and once you are done you can freely use these great templates.

You can simply click download when you found the layout that you like.

Another option is to use the program of Avery to create a business card. You can choose the right visiting card by theme (there are plenty of options). Once you have selected your favorite, you can use the free software of Avery to edit and customize the template of the business card. You can add your company name, address, images, logos and so on. Once you are done, you can simply hit print and a PDF file will appear that is ready to be printed.

Download the below templates here!

Sample Word Business Card Templates:

1.    This is a simple, yet professional looking business card. Sometimes such clear designs make the text stand out more.

2.    With a subtle Greek artwork in the background, this business card is great for an artist.

3.    This fun Christmas theme visiting card is suitable if you do business related to Christmas.

4.    If you don’t have a logo and you prefer no images, this business card will be right for you.

5.    This black and white card is quite simple, but a lot of people prefer that. Do you?

6.    Having the silhouette of a woman in the background, such a card is suitable for doctors.

7.    A business card such as this with images of food can be suitable for many companies. It looks attractive and your clients will know what it is just by looking at the pictures on it.

8.    If you work in industry or construction and you haven’t found a business card with a lovely suggestive image yet, this card will help you.

10.    Another simple business card, that focuses on the text.

12.    This card can be used more for an event than anything else, but its design with pink balloons is very attractive.

13.    Another special card for a special occasion: the lovely image of the cake will make all people interested in your event!

Download the below templates here!