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Download Free Introductory Email Letter Templates

Samples of Introductory Letters

Introductory letters can be of many kinds. Shortly these letters are where you introduce yourself and make the first impression.

These can make a big difference in your career whether you are applying for a job or you are a business reaching out to new clients.

Here are some of the types of such letters: introductory letters for job, introductory letters to potential clients, introductory letters to parents from teachers, sales introductory letters, introductory cover letter, introductory business letters and more.

Tips for a great introductory letter:

1.    Be brief but straight to the point.

2.    Do some research about the person/company you are writing to. This will help you to be more personal.

3.    Instead of saying what you want, point out why they need you and how you can become a part of their company/ lives.

4.    Make sure you address the person in the right way, for example Dear Mrs. Watson. Avoid the term To whom it may concern unless you don't know the name of the person you are writing to (Note: nowadays most email addresses come with names as well, so make sure you pay attention to that)

5.    The letter shouldn't be more than three paragraphs long. Most people won't even start to read if they see it's too long.

6.    Avoid general information, instead be specific. You want to write something that is really grabbing.

7.    Show personal interest in the company/client you are trying to approach

8.    Don't write the same things that you have already in your resume.
9.    Check several times for spelling mistakes
10.    Finish with the term Sincerely and sing your full name

Introductory letter sample:

 Dear Mr. Johnson,

[In the first paragraph try to catch the attention of the reader; this way you can be sure that they will read on] I recently found your company online and I became very interested in what you do. I specifically liked [mention something specific about the company to appear more personal and less general], which made me compelled to write to you and find out more about your prospects. As I discovered that we have so many ideas in common, I also made the decision to try and become a member of your outstanding organization.

[In the second paragraph briefly introduce yourself, barely touching your skills and qualifications, since you have all that in your resume] My name is Paul Smith, I have recently graduated from the University of Minneapolis with Magna Cum Laude, under the supervision of professor Keith Moore.  [it's a good idea to make a reference to someone] Having excellent knowledge in the field of [add your field of expertise that you want to get a job in] I believe we could start an efficient and successful collaboration. As I read more and more about your company, I could see myself becoming a member of your team.

Additionally I have very good writing skills, and I am fast and efficient in any project that I overtake. I have never missed a deadline, and I have led various groups before always with success. I hope that my outgoing and extroverted personality together with my skills can fit right into your team.

Thank you for your time, I am looking forward to meeting you in person.


Peter Gray

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