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Download Here Beach Theme Wedding Invitation Template

Beach wedding invitations usually feature palm trees, starfish, sea shells and other marine life images.

Other graphics can include flip flops, beach chairs, sunsets, sailboats, etc. The list goes on and on.

We also has a number of samples of creative wordings that you are also free to use or adapt for your particular needs and circumstances.

Once you have chosen your design and a unique verse that has meaning for you and your fiance, all you need to do is set the number of copies you want and then watch them come out of your printer.

There are wedding invitation kits that contain the invitation blanks and envelopes.

If you would prefer not to create your own verse you can always choose wording that satisfies both traditional and modern invitation etiquette norms or use variations of samples you can find here at our site or parts of a favorite love song or poem such as:


Our love is deeper than the ocean
wider than the sea
Please join us as we
jump into the sea of matrimony
at _______ Beach
date, time and address

Imagine how surprised your friends and family will be when they learn you made your own beach wedding invitations.

Creative Beach Wedding Invitation Template and Wording

Beach weddings in general call for a less formal idea for the perfect unique creative beach theme wedding invitation wording. This was probably the best creative example of invitation wording that I have seen in a long time:

Please join us
on our wedding day
as the sun sets o’er the bay
we, Kelly and Mike
will exchange vows
at time, day, date
under the gazebo
at XYZ Hotel
city, state, zip code


Traditional wording doesn’t fit beach wedding invitation. The rules of etiquette are not generally used with this type of invitation, so have fun and create an invitation that is truly unique. If you have an idea for your beach wedding invitation wording, by all means use it, after all it IS your wedding.

Here is another delightful example of wording for a beach wedding invitation that caught my eye:

We picked the date
the theme is set
We’re having a luau
you’ll never forget
Near the sea and the spray
you’re invited to join us
and share our special day
Mai and Terry’s wedding
will take place
day, date, time
on the beach
at the Seaside Inn
city, state

You can get wedding invitation cards that look like flip flops, a really neat idea for beach wedding invitations. This wording would be perfect for such a card:

Anne Catherine Wise
Kenneth William Miley
invite you to join them
as they begin their new life together
on day, date, time
Deep Bay Beach
St. John’s Antigua
casual dress

With just a little effort you can find a creative beach theme wedding invitation wording that will be perfect for your wedding.

Beach theme wedding ideas

Let the blues of the water and romantic winds take you and your guests to exotic land of heaven, by the beach obviously. Beach is indeed a splendid theme for your wedding as it offers a perfect backdrop for your venue. It can be as extravagant as you fancy it and at the same time it can be truly economical. Even if you are not planning it on a real beach you can order wedding beach supplies from any online stores to get the proper effect.

Your imagination can run on the mill and floss to no end and yet you can be as creative as you desire. With open air, water and land all besides you things can work like magic such as you can amalgamate western touch to beach theme or a Hawaiian beach theme party.

You can have several ideas for décor such as huge shells, sand castles or even tropical flowers for that classy touch. The best part of this venue is that you can select any time of the day and it remains great. It is great to organize the wedding at noon time if the weather is pleasant in those hours. Instead of loud DJ for music settle for folk bands with light music to keep guests in right mood and on their toes.

What is new these days becomes unique and is highly appreciated by guests. If budget is not a problem then arrange for a classic play of mermaid by beaches amid wedding hours or you can even have choreographed performances by professionals to get your party in right mood. Sea food is another essential part of beach wedding perhaps you can be more creative with favors.

Have one customized shell designed with your names and a small watch in it. You can also opt for wild blue and green scarves with your initials printed on them as favors. Be as creative as you can and you will have a unique beach wedding theme. After so many efforts even if it doesn’t become unique you will definitely remain in everyone’s mind for trying to put in maximum efforts for being unique. So go ahead plan your wedding on beach with great ideas and let this period be most memorable time of your life!




When I was helping my daughter plan her wedding, we found that there were so many different ideas for a beach theme that she decided this was the type of wedding she wanted. Since we were having the wedding at the end of May, we decided on a real beach wedding. We had to search for the ideal location and found one that was semi secluded with electrical hook ups and plenty of room for the caterers and the reception area.

As with any wedding, there is so much planning to do, but we held it together and managed to find everything we needed. She had to choose between a plain old beach wedding or a tropical beach wedding as well as a Hawaiian and Jamaican beach wedding. She finally decided on a Hawaiian beach wedding. We had tiki torches, artificial palm trees, a big tent for dining and a Hawaiian DJ playing the music played in Hawaii. It was a joy to plan. The wedding favors were east to find as well as other table decorations.

We did run across so much information about honeymoon weddings in Jamaica as well as Hawaii, but her choice was to marry here and then travel on her honeymoon. We made the wedding something everyone would remember. Her and her new husband spent a night in a local hotel that was decorated with a Hawaiian theme as well, and it had a Jacuzzi. When coming up with a beach theme wedding ideas were everywhere, from Christmas, Easter, fall and everything else. I never new there were so many cards with so many different designs for theme weddings. 

Lisa Johnson, FL

Decorations for beach weddings

Last year I attended the wedding of my friend and it was real fun! Beach wedding decorations can turn up the lights in the heart of every person attending the ceremony and thus invitation of guests would never be disappointed with anything in the reception right from homemade customs to real chic ideas!Let me relate this theme to you in a little more detail.

However I must tell you that you need some little homework before you can plunge into a beach decoration for theme wedding. Specifically regarding the law governing the usage of these beaches to avoid any issues later.

It is also important to know a timeline for the wedding that would suit the beach theme better for the homemade customs and also the party and definitely plan a dress code for the entire invitation of guests who need to be informed before handed to make the theme and the arrangements absolutely complete in every manner. The sea itself invokes the imagery of magnificence, dignity, serenity, and secrecy. The decorations need specifically be of these ideas to make the decorations come into the theme as good as possible. The shapes of the cutlery, glasses in shapes of shells and lots of colorful ribbons along with the while drapes and wild flowers to match them up rather than conventional flowers would make the decorations absolutely perfect.

Apart from the conventional homemade customs there can be special chic and hip-hop showers that can be arranged to spill up the beach spirit and give everything a great feel around the invitation of guests and the newly wedded couple as well with return parting gifts in the form of little shells containing chocolates as a symbol of remembrance as the party gets over. I enjoyed all these as part of the serenity and revelry in the enjoyment of the celebration of a new life. each decoration for theme wedding can be very innovative but once they fall into places they are sure to make the invitation of guests just go head over heels to enjoy the occasion to the fullest.


M. Molina, MD

Beach wedding thank you cards

If you have a beach theme wedding, then you probably will want beach wedding thank you cards to send out to guests that gave you a gift or helped you with the wedding. The thank you cards will be personalized with a note from you, but you can also design your own card or choose from one of the many cards that are already created for you. You want something that matches your theme wedding.

Beach theme wedding thank you cards are perfect for that wedding that intrigued guests and offered a touch of the beach environment. Since you wanted the wedding to be perfect, you would use a beach theme wedding invitation so that your guests know how to dress for the wedding. t would be easy for a thank you card to be recognized when it arrives in the mail if it is designed after a beach theme as well. Family and friends will know whom the card is from before they even open it up. They will know right away that you have sent a thank you card for their gift.

If you need a thank card and you had a beach theme wedding, you can find many beautiful beach wedding thank you cards that will compliment your wedding theme. When it is time to plan your wedding invitations, make sure that you plan ahead for your thank you cards as well. This will make writing out your cards easier when you have time as soon as the wedding is done and the honeymoon as well. his way, you make sure that you get the thank you cards out on time.

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