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Free Printable Princess Party Birthday Invitation

Princess Theme Party

Kids love fairytales, with knights and princesses and royalties.

So, why not give your little girl a party where she can be the princess for one day?

If you think that having such a birthday party for your kid will make you spend too much, or it will be too much trouble, we would like to present you with some princess birthday party theme ideas.

A good start to avoid any headache is to buy, ahead of time, all the supplies you need. Instead of adding unwanted costs to your party planning, try some of our suggestions.

Such parties may sound fancy, but, actually, the maximum effect is not so hard to achieve. Use some of your skills to put together some nice looking invitations.

If you find the perfect paper, with some golden rims, write a cool invitation formula, in which you let your daughter’s friends that the ‘princess’ is throwing a party and they are all waited at the royal palace for some cake and fun games. Of course, all the guests are ‘royalties’, so they will be addressed as such.

Some costume play may be suggested. It will make the princess birthday party even more appealing if all the girls and boys will come dress in something pretty. The feast like atmosphere can be emphasized with balloons, little decorations made of shiny materials and through the use of royal colors, such as gold and purple. Do not forget the castle! You can involve all the kids into a game of coloring a castle that you already made from boxes. Make it bigger, so the girls and boys can enter and exit as they please. It will mean a whole lot of fun for the little ones!

You can also design some paper crowns to give everyone so they will really feel like royalties. Engage them in games and plan fun activities for them. This is the way the princess theme parties are meant to be. We hope that you found these princess birthday party theme ideas to be useful and helpful and we wish you to have a very successful party!

Well! How can parents refuse their little princess a princess party if she wants to be treated royally on her special day. Princess theme is amongst the easiest and most manageable party theme. If not twice but most of the girls give princess theme at least one shot in their parties. Every girl likes to feel special and be pampered with riches like a real princess.

Princess belongs in a castle, so do not hesitate to turn your venue into one. You have many options for decorations like curling ribbons, attractive centerpieces and pictures of royal castle on the wall. You can also decorate the venue as a ball room in a castle. Place two dressed guards at the gate to welcome the guests in the palace. Don’t forget to mention in your invitations that your guests should come dressed as princesses too.

Dressing up your child for princess theme party should be very easy as you can make her wear a nice attractive princess dress with a flashing tiara and princess jewels. You can organize some interesting games like musical chairs and draw a princess contest. You can arrange for tiara and jewels for your guests princesses along with appropriate princess party favors.

Princess party theme supplies and stores

If you are not too tight on your budget, arrange for a dresser or call in a friend who could dress up all princesses in the braided hair do, make up and get them ready for the ball. It would be good to pool in some great appetizers for little princesses along with juices, flavored milk and main course of food. If it’s a birthday party then a princess cake and candles would look just great. Princess party theme supplies are available at all party stores. There is a vast range of accessories, tableware, cutouts, decors and related party accessories.

Your imagination is the limit for them as these stores have a good display of products on their sites and provide quick delivery for the same. They even offer few cheap kits for princess party supplies which are even economical than your personal arrangements.Let’s dress up our little girl in slash, jewels and crown, as our princess is waiting eagerly with a frown. Before you buy anything find out which princess your child likes the most, she probably has a favorite Disney princess, so use that princess and her story as the theme for your little girl’s party.

From Belle to Snow White you can find supplies for the party including the tableware, wall decorations, centerpieces, balloons, stand-up figures, magnetic cut outs, pull string piñatas, scrolls with frames, coloring posters, tiaras, invitations, personalized banners, goodie bags and filler packages. You can purchase party packs for most of the princesses, or that includes several of them. These packages usually include 8 each of plates, cups, cutlery and napkins. They also include balloons, invitations, thank you cards, streamers, curling ribbons, hats, candles and a table cover. It is even possible to get "jewel" encrusted goblets for the princess and her royal court (guests) to drink from. To make the event even more special, invite the guests to come dressed as their favorite princess.

You can provide the tiaras and royal scepters or wands. Alternatively you can have a box of clothes and allow the kids to put together their own costumes. Turn the costume box into a game and give prizes for the first to finish, the funniest or whatever categories you can come up with. Be sure to take pictures.

Everything you need to throw a really good princess party, except for the food, is available from your local or on line discount princess party supply store.