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Discounted Wedding Invitations & Wording Examples

Huge selection of hand painted, free printable or discount wedding invitation templates is here!

You will also find some creative wording examples which you are welcome to use as they are, or to adapt to suit your taste and needs when creating your wedding invitations.

If you’d rather not do your own wedding invitations, there are resources at our site where you can find handmade invitations.

The hardest part of making your unique discount wedding invitations is choosing the right wording for your particular circumstances.

Since you have selected the wedding invitation design that best express your hopes and dreams you now need to find the perfect wedding verse for your invitations.

You can choose text that reflects your spiritual and or ethnic roots. Your invitations can be informal, whimsical, or romantic. Both traditional and modern etiquette standard are suitable for our lovely unique wedding invitations. 

You can spend days going from one stationary store to another looking for the perfect wedding invitation and never find exactly what you want. Surfing the net can take you a several days to look at invitations with the same results, or you can make your own and have exactly what you want in an hour or two.

Your choice! You need to know that you can not do raised or embossed lettering on your home printer. According to tradition the wedding invitations are sent by the person or persons who are paying for the wedding. Usually the bride’s parents foot the bill for the invitations. So, they’ll be glad if they get billed for discount wedding invitations :-)

However nowadays there are several ways invitations are written due to many different manifestations of the family. The American family is no longer mom, dad and the kids. You have single moms, divorced and remarried parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, engaged couples who can afford to pay for a wedding.

A young neighbor Sara recently got engaged. Her parents were divorced many years ago when Sara was a toddler. Sara’s mother died 3 years ago and since her stepfather raised her – he Steve, is paying for the wedding. The birth father and Sara have never been close. Sara has chosen a lovely flower-plant design. Here is how the couple decided to word their invitations.

Mr. Steven Jensen
invites you to the marriage of
Sara Harrison
(the daughter of the late Marisa Jensen)
William Hancock

Sara’s unique wedding invitations are one of the most touching and heart warming I have seen. When you are planning your wedding, you soon realize that the cost of everything can add up quickly. Discounted wedding invitations will help defray some of the cost for your special day. You can save quite a bit of money when you find a discounted invitation that matches your theme and color scheme.

Download Cute Wedding Invitation

It makes more sense to save money on the invites when you can get the most beautiful looking invitations for your wedding that sometimes look the same if not better than the expensive cards. It makes sense to save money on the invitations and save money for other things such as the dress, caterers and entertainment. Once you see how beautiful these cards are, you will want to order your invitations and thank you cards.

 Inexpensive Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can also reflect a shared hobby, profession, interest of lifestyle. If you live on a ranch or perform in rodeos you may want your invitations to have a western theme. We know a couple that allowed their profession to inspire their invitations. She is an assistant D.A. and he practices civil law.

Their invitation read something like this:

You are hereby summoned
To give witness to the marriage of
Cynthia Jane Doe
William Smith
At time
Day, date
Anytown Courthouse
Reception to follow
At place, address

Cynthia decided it would be fun to make her own invitations. Even budget weddings can put a serious dent in your bank account and invitations can make a significant contribution to that dent, by using some inexpensive wedding invitation design ideas that can be found at our site. Many couples are making the decision to print their own invitations on their home computers.

 Your invitation tells your guests many things about your wedding such as the level of formality, which tells them how to dress. It also tells them the theme and sets the tone for the festivities. Besides the ability to create a unique wedding invitation that no other couple has ever used, making your own invitations is cheap when you compare your cost to what it would cost to have them done.

Download Disney Mickey Minne Wedding Invitation

Do you dream of a Disney wedding? You can make your own magic by using Mickey and Minnie, Cinderella and Prince Charming clip art or any of the other Disney couples. You can import the clip art into your template and then add your chosen wording to create a unique wedding invitation that reflects you and your groom and what you mean to each other.

A neighbor’s daughter used clip art of Aladdin and Jasmine since her name was Jasmine. She wrote her own verse:

Jasmine Marie Levy
William James Harrison
Request the pleasure of your company
And your blessing
As we embark on
The magic carpet ride of marriage
Day, date, time

If you want something more formal you can have a pattern of leaves, circles, etc. in a tone on tone effect and then add your design and wording to the template and you have a simple but elegant invitation at very little cost.  That way you can be sure everything is properly lined up You will be surprised at how beautiful invitations made using inexpensive wedding invitation design ideas can be.




A widowed friend of mine with adult children recently met a widower who also had children. When they told the kids they were going to get married at City Hall, the kids insisted on giving them a proper wedding. They printed the invitations from our site and used a rather unique phrasing

The children of Mary Jones and John Smith request the pleasure of your company, etc……

Everyone loved the idea and my friends were thrilled. They met through their kids.  Mary says she will use the site for all of her party invitation needs, even her big New Year’s blowout that she holds every year. We also have invitation templates for wedding showers. As you can see it is easy to have lovely homemade very cheap wedding invitations.

M. Laouren, CA


My niece Katie always said she didn’t want a big wedding and would prefer to just elope. Then she met Mike! Everything changed. She decided she wanted a traditional wedding and invitations:

Mr. and Mrs. James McCarthy
Request the honor of your presence
At the marriage of their daughter
Katherine Marie
Michael Brendan Kelley
On Saturday, date, month, year
At 5 o’clock in the evening
St. Bridget’s Roman Catholic Church
Address, city, state
Reception at 7 o’clock in the evening
Address, city, state

Kate and Mike bought their invitations from a stationer that sold Regency wedding invitations. True to their plans for a traditional wedding they chose Ivory engraved invitations with only the Celtic cross for an embellishment. Do you want a more casual and informal wedding or a themed wedding? Guess what? You can still choose from Regency’s extensive collection of designs. You are sure to find one to suit your needs.

Regency is a wholesaler, so you can find their invitations at hundreds of retailers both physical shops and on line retailers. These premium invitations can be purchased almost everywhere. You can get all of your wedding stationary in one place. If you get your invitations on line you can have a black and white fax copy of your invitation to be sure there are no errors.

Do you want a beach, western or fairy tale themed wedding? You can have your invitation match your theme. Or perhaps you want your wedding to reflect your ethnic, cultural or religious heritage. Regency wedding invitations can help you with that also!

N. Brighton, London

  Last month my daughter got married. It was a big thing for all of us: we decided to invite all the family members and old friends to the reception and to the party afterwards. Since my daughter and her groom didn’t have much time to prepare the details, me and my husband were in charge of everything: decoration, food, invitations and so on. The decorations and the food cost a lot, much more than we initially expected. Unfortunately the budget for the wedding was limited so we had to find some ways to cut back on the expenses. I was a bit worried that the wedding won’t be as nice as we initially planned.

I started looking for very cheap wedding invitations online with the help of my husband, and we found the lovely wedding invitations at this website. When we finished printing them they looked lovely on the paper. I liked the design with flowers, it fitted to the wedding that we organized, because the main decoration was flowers. This was surely the cheapest way to go: the invitations were for free and printing them on our computer at home was very cheap.

The wedding turned out wonderful. The food was good, the decorations were lovely, and my daughter looked beautiful in the wedding dress that we bought for her together. Everything turned out fine and the wedding was just liked my daughter dreamed about, thanks to the very cheap wedding invitations that I found on this website.

Mary B. OH