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Direct Mail Mac Review and Free HTML Email Templates

Not only that making newsletters and other emails will be very fast at Direct Mail, but it will also be very simple.

You can compose stunning emails in a matter of minutes using the templates that this site has to offer.

You can choose from the gallery of professional looking and visually appealing email templates, and create your own by customizing them.

You will even have the chance to see how the email will look according to the email providers your clients are using.

Main Features:

          Besides beautiful designs, Direct Mail Mac also assures fast sending and a reliable delivery. If you already have en email server, you can be sure that Direct Mail will work with you and make everything work out in the best possible way. Tracking in real time is another feature of this website, and it is essential if you want to know whether your campaign is becoming successful or not. From creating to sending and to tracking you have all the features here which make this website so popular.

How to begin:

          You can begin by growing your mailing list. Since new clients are always needed in a company, with Direct Mail Mac you can have as many new customers as you want. You can surely attract as many as possible with by creating great looking subscribe forms. You can easily take care of unsubscribes as well. If it was an issue until now, with the help of this website it will be all easier and a less problem to worry about for you.

Try one of the sleek elegant templates once you have enough clients: they won’t let you down or your customers. You can find the perfect templates whether you need newsletters, emails for promotions or anything else that comes to mind. They are also very easy to customize, so make sure you try all the possibilities to have an email just like you wanted to. Drag and drop features make it easier to arrange photos, images and logos. With instantaneous preview you can see what is going on with the email while you are making it.


          Direct Mail Mac offers a lot of free options. If you only send up to 50 emails a month, you can do it for free through them. For more you need to sign up and choose from one of their price groups. Since they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, you can feel relaxed and give it a try!
You can pay for monthly rates, which is $15 for 500 recipients, and it grows t up to $250 for 50,000 recipients. So it all depends on how many clients you have. You can also pay as you go and choose from different packages such as $60 for 5000 emails and up to $850 for 100,000 emails. There is also a chance to pay only once and get everything!


 General Business Email Marketing Templates:

Calendar Business Email Newsletter Template

Business Heart Email Newsletter Template

Business Touchscreen Email Newsletter Template

Happy Birthday Email Marketing Templates:

Happy Birthday Email Newsletter Template 1

Happy Birthday Email Newsletter Template 2

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