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Wedding Destination Package

Destination package wedding companies have a variety of offers available depending on your budget, chosen locale, time of year and availability.

 It is possible to get a package that includes everything from airfare and hotel to photographs.

However some companies only cover the ceremony, license fees and provide the officiant. How do you find the right plan for your wedding? First you have to have a set budget.

Then consider the members of the bridal party and both sets of parents. Do you want grandparents to attend? Are their minor siblings? Can you afford to pay travel expenses for all of these folks, or can they pay their own way?

On average, destination wedding packages only cover the bride and groom for accommodations, airfare and the reception. However they will work with you on this, by attempting to arrange for group discounts for travel and hotels. You can always get the caterer to add extra meals if you give them advanced notice. Of course this will increase the cost. When planning your destination wedding be sure to let family and friends know that if they plan to attend they are responsible for their own airfare and hotel costs. Since these weddings tend to be smaller than traditional affairs due to the distance and travel costs, the cost to the bride and groom can be cheaper than a big local bash.

The destination and time of year you choose for your wedding can have a huge effect on your costs. In late spring your cost will likely be high since this is a popular time for weddings. Also book your venue early or you may not get the date and location you want. Before you sign a contract for a destination wedding package, read the entire contract and understand what happens if a vendor used by the company fails to deliver.

Can you get a refund? Be sure that the contract includes every item that you want included in your package. If something is not listed that you requested, don’t sign until the contract is amended. The benefits of a package wedding is that once you choose a vendor, your work is pretty much done, so you can relax and enjoy your wedding destination package.

About Planning a Destination Weddings

Planning any wedding can be very stressful, but a destination package wedding can be a real headache unless you have some help. We have a few tips to help you with planning a destination wedding. The first thing you need to do is decide on your budget. In most cases the number of guests is generally lower than at a traditional wedding, so your cost will be lower. To get a handle on the number of actual guests that will attend send out a save the date card at least ten months in advance so that friends and family can make vacation and travel arrangements.

You need to contact a planner in the area where your wedding will be held. You need someone in the area who can coordinate the ceremony, flowers, transportation, lodging and just about everything else. You and your groom should try to visit the wedding venue at least once before signing a contract for your destination package, to be sure the site is what it is claimed to be and to meet with the wedding coordinator.

Since this type of wedding tends to be smaller than a traditional one due to the cost of travel, you may pay a total cost that is less than a traditional affair. If possible you should offer to at least help pay the cost of airfare and hotel for both sets of parents and the best man and maid of honor. When you get married in a state not your own, check out license fees and any waiting period. Also very often, getting married in other countries means there is a residency requirement in addition to license and registration fees. Find out if there are blood tests or inoculations that are required.

You may want to check with the airlines and hotels for group discounts on airfare and lodging. Your wedding coordinator should be able to help you with this. Also look for package hotel and airfare deals. Let’s not forget your dress which for most destinations can be much less formal than the traditional gown. A simple sleeveless dress is perfect for a beach wedding. When planning a destination wedding, an all inclusive destination package wedding would be ideal and don’t forget to obtain your passports Destination package wedding.

Florida Wedding Destinations

If you want a beach wedding but can’t afford the cost of flying to places like Fiji or Cozumel, you may want to consider a Florida wedding destination. Florida has several popular beaches that are ideal for a destination package wedding. Miami, Key West and Tampa are among the most popular wedding sites. You can get packages that cover air fare, hotel, the marriage ceremony, reception and often even the honeymoon, at a cost less than the traditional wedding to honeymoon.

A wedding package frees you from the planning of every little detail. The companies that arrange these packages can even find you a minister or other officiant. The food and cake are also included. Once you send out the invitations all you have to do is show up, the planners take care of everything else.
Since your Florida wedding will take place at some distance from your home, you may want to send out “save the date” cards 5-6 months before the wedding so that friends and relatives can make vacation and travel plans. Some people close to you may not be able to make the trip so consider hosting a small reception when you return form your honeymoon.

Besides cost, one of the benefits of having your destination wedding in Florida is no passports or inoculations are necessary. You can still choose either a traditional or unique wedding. The planners earn their living by pleasing the customer so you set the tone and they do all the work. A web search for “Florida destination wedding” will yield dozens of companies that plan this kind of wedding. However, before you sign a contract check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints. Also ask for references and check them. Try to actually talk with one or more of the couples that have used this service. Get everything in writing including what recourse you have if they don’t deliver what is promised.

You will have wonderful memories that will last a lifetime of your stress free wedding/honeymoon, often called a “weddingmoon”, that is arranged by the planner of your destination package wedding.