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Design Your Own Christmas Cards

The regular Christmas cards that are sold in stores may just not do it for you. You want this year to do something special, but what to do?

A great idea is to invest some of your time and your talent to design your own Christmas cards.

You may think that people that make Christmas cards have an art school in their background, but that is not always the case.

You will just need to learn a few tricks, and you, too, can design your own Christmas cards.

Good thing that the Internet is now full with sites giving people advice on how to do different things. Who knows? This may even turn out to be a profitable hobby for the holiday season. 

Handmade cards have a certain charm of their own, so, if you want your friends to be impressed by the cards you did with your own hands, this is a good reason. Plus, you will get to put your own stamp on your work, by saying “Designed by” and your name, which will make you very proud of your achievements. There are basically two ways for making such Christmas cards. If you are good with your hands and you have basic knowledge about what a nice drawing is, you can try your talent directly on paper, with some color pencils.

Watch this great video with step by step instructions on how to make 3D Christmas invitations at home:


For those that are not so handy, a software specialized in graphics can help a lot. You will just use the program’s capabilities to help you design your desired themes, and then you will print them on paper. The final act is to fold the cards made this way and send them to all your family and friends. As you can see, it is not that hard to design your own Christmas cards.

Homemade Christmas Cards

Giving something to everyone you love on Christmas time is a habit that should never miss from your celebration routine. Everyone gives and everyone receives a token of appreciation, and maybe that is one of the reasons why everyone loves Christmas. A good idea for this Christmas, when you want to show your love and affection to all the people you know, would be to design some Christmas cards in your own unique style and send them to friends. If you want to know how to make your own Christmas cards, read on.

 There are many ways in which you can design your Christmas cards. One idea would be to use Christmas themes, like snowmen, snowy landscapes, angels, Santa and the reindeers, and the list could go on. To give an extra personal touch, why not try a homemade card recipe that will make your cards stand out from the others, when your friends check their mailbox?

Experiment with different fabrics, like cloth in festive colors. You can really stitch patterns on the cloth, or you can use a marker to draw the model directly on the fabric of your choosing. You will need some cardboard for this, so it will give your card the necessary strength. If you used a piece of cloth, after making the design, you will just have to glue it on a cardboard that is shaped like a card and there you have it: homemade Christmas cards.

This is just one idea about how to make your own Christmas cards, but only your imagination can be the limit when you are thinking about making something special this Christmas.

Hand Painted Christmas Cards

There are a few sites that sell hand painted Christmas cards, however these cards can be quite expensive. However if you love the idea of hand painted cards, why not try doing it yourself? It isn’t as hard as you may think. First I would practice the techniques needed before starting the actual project. Either draw your own design or download Christmas coloring pages, reduce the size before you print them, then trace the design onto the face of your card.

Before you print your card, open it and lay flat on you work surface. Place a blank piece of paper beneath your card to eliminate show through from use of permanent markers. I usually outline the image with paint pens or markers. Then use water colors to paint the image. Use glitter to emphasize parts of your design. Let cards dry completely before folding or adding your message to the inside.

Hand-painted Merry Christmas greeting card with dogs

Left-click on the above coloring picture to open its larger-size version!

Meanwhile address your envelopes and add postage. When the cards are dry add your greeting, sign, stuff, seal and mail your cards. If all you have available is acrylic paint, add a small amount of water and check the effect on an extra card or piece of paper. Continue to add a drop or two of water until you get the water color effect that you want. Embroidery or needlepoint designs will also work for your card images. Buy a holiday coloring book for young children to get more designs that can be traced for your cards.

If you do scrap booking you can cut your card-stock to fit the size envelopes you have on hand. To get a perfect crease use the back edge of a table knife or a “bone folder”. Many of your scrap booking supplies such as gel pens, paper trimmers and decorative  scissors can be useful in card making.