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Printable Custom Wedding Invitations

Download and print unique homemade free custom wedding invitations

Custom wedding invitations are especially made for you to your exact request.

The design and creative wording are all chosen by you. The only problem is they tend to be costly.

So if you want an invitation that is uniquely yours, why not make wedding invitations yourself?

You probably have a number of objections about taking on this task. We will attempt to answer your questions.

1. Why would I want to make 100 or more invitations by hand?

The main reason is that you can save money. You can make 100 cheap wedding invitations for under fifty dollars while commercially printed invitations can cost you ten times that amount.

2. Who has the time to do all that work?

It will more than likely take just a couple of hours to make your invitations. Once you have chosen a design and chosen the right unique verse for your needs, all that you have to do is set the printer to produce the number of copies you want and then just watch them come out.

3. Will they look as good as purchased invitations?

Yes they will, the only thing you can’t do on your home computer is produce raised lettering.

4. Where can I find designs and creative wording to use?

The most unique hand-painted wedding invitation design and ideas are right here on our website. We have a selection of free printable wedding invitations template designs for many different theme weddings. There are also a number of samples of unique verse that you are welcome to use and or adapt to suit your needs. There are other sites that offer free templates and ideas but the artwork is often not of as high a quality as here.

5. Where can I get wedding invitation kits?

Craft stores, stationers and dozens of online stores sell kits with just the invitations and envelopes. Many of them also offer RSVP cards and envelopes and other wedding stationary that can meet the norms of traditional and modern etiquette. So as you can see it isn’t hard or expensive for you to have custom wedding invitations if you are willing to create your own unique discount wedding invitations.

Casual Wedding Invitations Wording

If you are not having a formal wedding ceremony or reception you will most likely prefer to send casual wedding invitations. The art work is exceptionally well done and there are samples of unique verse, all of which you are free to use as is or to adapt to suit your taste and wedding theme.  Of course you will want your design and text to suit the theme and setting of your wedding. If you and your groom are not crazy about all the pomp and circumstance of formal affairs, consider going casual, from your attire to casual wedding invitations. For example you may want to create you own casual test such as:

Lisa Marie Murphy
Jacob Daley
Would like you to join us
As we exchange our vows
To love each other “till the end of time”
Date, time

One of my favorite informal wedding invitations was designed to look like an old time wanted poster that invited guests to “witness John and Mary getting hitched”. Whether you want your invitations to reflect your hobbies, profession or dreams you can do it with unique discount wedding invitations you make yourself. All you need is to buy wedding invitation kits to print your invitations and other wedding stationary such as RSVP and thank you cards.

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