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Curious George Theme Party

Curious George is well known from the children books, and it is popular worldwide.

The brown monkey, George, is especially the favorite of small kids.

Animated films and movies are also well known today among children of all ages.

A Curious George theme birthday party is good for a first birthday as well.

Party Activities

Since most children who like curious George are younger, get curious George coloring pages.
Look for a jungle bingo game or curious George bingo one, and play this game with the kids.

Make a banana split together. Each kid can make their own with the leading of an adult. For this you will needs bananas, whipped cream, ice cream ,chocolate sprinkles and chocolate syrup. You can show them how to make a banana split, after which they can all use the ingredients to make one for themselves.

Make monkey finger puppets. This is actually quite easy, the kids will love it and they will have something to play with during the party and also something to take home. You will need an old brown glove, or a couple if there are more kids. Also get some brown felt, some glue, some googly eyes, tan felt, scissors, and a marker. Cut the fingers of the glove, this will be the body of the monkey. From the brown felt cut out two ears and glue it to the sides of the fabric. Cut out a round circle from the tan felt, and glue this on the middle of the finger puppet, this is where the face will be. Draw a nose and mouth for the monkey on the tan felt with the marker and glue on the googly eyes. Use a string to make the tail of the monkey.

Party Decorations

To get the party going, get some yellow hats and stuffed monkeys. Each kid can wear a yellow safari hat during the party. Decorate the house with stuffed monkeys that the kids can play with.
Another decoration that fits to this party is bananas, you can easily make them using yellow construction paper. These you can use all around the house and on the table as well.

Make the party area look more like a jungle. It would be great to hold it outside or on the patio. You can cut out vines from paper and hang them around the party area, have colorful balloons and lights as well. If you really want to make it fancy get inflatable palm trees and stuffed curious George monkeys. Get real bananas and oranges, and arrange them on plates on the table.

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