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Where to Find Free Printable Crossword Puzzles Online

 Completing crossword puzzles is a popular way to keep mind active. They are suitable for elderly as well as for youngsters.

Numerous sites provide many different crossword puzzles online. However, there are crossword puzzles aficionados that prefer the old-fashioned way of solving - paper and pencil. If you are one of them, you must know where you can find crossword puzzles that can be printed. Most sites provide crossword puzzles for print at no expense at all. is a family-friendly site that provides a wide selection of crossword puzzles that can be solved online and can be printed for those who doesn't like completing crosswords online. All printable crosswords are available with solutions. Here are some of the numerous styles of crosswords that can be found on the site: Alpha-Cross, Capital Crosswords, Criss-Cross, Giant Crosswords, Diamond, Mini Crosswords, Movie Crosswords, Standard UK, Standard US and many more.  is another great site where all the crossword puzzles fans can print favorite crosswords and solve them on the paper. Also, they can print the solutions for these crosswords. Every day seven free crosswords are available online and in printable version too. Moreover, the site offers hundreds of other crossword puzzles that suits all tastes. provides a variety of online and printable crossword puzzles, which have different layouts suitable for all levels of expertise. Furthermore, each day you can print seven new crossword puzzles if you want to solve them later. has a very rich database of words. It contains more than 100,000 words. In printable crosswords puzzle layouts section, one may find more than 6,000 layouts, which can be printed and later can be used to make more crossword puzzles.

Where to Download Crossword Puzzle Templates

It is well-known fact that crossword puzzles help the mind stay sharp. They are fun, stress relieving, good for memory and improve concentration. There are numerous sites, where you can do crosswords online, but there are other sites, where you can download crossword puzzle templates and then make your own crosswords. Here are some of them: is a great place where you can find different interesting word games including crossword puzzles ranked by various difficulty levels. The site offers the opportunity to download  blank crossword puzzle templates which you can later print and make your own crossword. Also the site provides the full instruction how to download the desired template. is another good site for downloading crossword puzzle templates. These crosswords are perfect for elementary, middle, or high school students. Science, social studies, and language arts crosswords found on this site will enrich the students' knowledge. offer all kinds of crossword puzzle templates for downloading starting from themed crosswords to cryptic, kids', easy, newspaper, Bible, challenging and other crosswords for all ages. The use of the site is free and you can download them and even print them to solve them later.

Where to Find Crossword Puzzle Creator

Online crossword puzzles have both educational and entertainment value. People who enjoy solving these puzzles now have the opportunity to create their own puzzles and play with words with online crossword puzzle creators found on the Internet.

These puzzle creators allow people to enter the guess word and supply the corresponding clue. The crossword puzzle creator then joins the words and creates the appropriate puzzle. The biggest advantage of the puzzle creators is that they can be used in schools.

Teachers can make crossword puzzles and help their students improve their vocabulary, spelling, their knowledge in geography, science, history. Not only the students have the benefits of the crossword puzzles.

They are also a good way for kids to learn new words and improve their spelling. The sites listed below offer free crossword puzzle creators that can be used to create crossword puzzles for educational purposes or just for fun.

Tools for Educators is a site that offers free crossword creator, crossword generator, and programs for preschool, kindergarten teachers, and elementary school and language teachers. Here, teachers can make crossword puzzles with picture or text as hints.

Crosswords can be on variety of subjects such as animals, body parts, clothing, family, holidays, fruits and vegetables, music, nature etc. For example, if you want to create animal crossword puzzle first you will have to choose the images of the animals, then type hints and answers and the crossword creator will create the desired crossword puzzle.

ABCya is the site created by the teachers providing fun and easy crossword puzzle creator for kids where they can create interactive crossword puzzles. Here children have to input answers and clues in a simple form or they can copy and paste them from a text document. These puzzles can be played on computer or can be printed out. The creator requires at least 10 words per puzzle and the maximum is 20 words. offers instant online crossword puzzle maker where you first have to type the title and subtitle of the crossword. Then type the answer word first and the clue and in between you will have to type a slash character ("/"). Each new word must be in a new line and after each word and clue press Enter key. After you have input all the words, the creator will make the crossword puzzle. Also, you can choose different pictures for the background.

Where to Download Crossword Puzzle App

Many people are word game junkies or crossword addicts and being so they enjoy solving crosswords even when they are not at home. Thanks to the crossword puzzle applications for mobiles now you can do the crosswords while you are traveling to your work or waiting for a bus.

There are many websites, which offer crossword applications for downloading, but many of them require paid subscriptions. However, some websites offer free versions of crossword applications with number of crosswords, which are very easy to handle. Here are few sites where crossword puzzle applications for mobiles can be downloaded. has thousands of different crosswords of every level for mobile phones and tablets. The site offers free daily and weekly crosswords. In addition to this, the site has two weeks archives if you want to download past puzzles. is another site for downloading crossword puzzle applications for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. Also here you can download new daily crosswords from newspapers including the New York Times, King Features puzzles, the Independent and many more. For those who want more, the site provides paid crossword subscriptions.

The applications are very good since the crosswords include a variety of viewing options, which allow you to quickly and clearly read the clues and at the same time to see the crossword you are solving. Also crosswords include hints system which allows you to take a peek at clue letters and if you get stuck you can get hints from You can also look up definitions from Wikipedia or Wiktionary or offers a wide range of various crossword puzzle applications such as crossword puzzle king, which includes plenty of blank crosswords divided into several difficulty levels (easy, medium, and hard). Also the crosswords are divided into theme categories: animals, movie stars, plants etc; crossword puzzle (fill in) for Android where you are given a list of words that you should fit all in the non black squares. There are applications for kids' crossword puzzles for Android where kids can improve their English language skills by learning new words and expanding vocabulary.

Where to Find Electronic Crossword Puzzle Games

All those who are great crossword puzzle fanatics, now can enjoy very handy toy called electronic crossword puzzle game. It is completely new way of solving crosswords. If you get tired of doing crosswords online and sitting in front of the computer, these handheld fun games will certainly make you happy.

Such electronic crossword games may include about 10,000 crossword puzzles, which you can do while traveling in the car, train, plain, anywhere. Many of them can include different difficulty levels with hints and tips. You don't need pencil, you don't need Internet connection. Some of these electronic toys include the stylus that is usually placed on the back of the unit while some have complete QWERTY keyboard. Electronic crossword puzzle games can be bought from the online sites. Some of them are: Amazon, eBay, the Find etc. offers different electronic crossword puzzle games. The most common one is the New York Times electronic crossword puzzle, which may include different numbers of crosswords at various difficulty levels. Here you may find these electronic games at different prices depending on whether you are buying new or used one. is another site good for finding electronic crossword puzzle games, except that this site has an auction option so when buying here you can get a very good deal. Here you can find different models of these interesting toys at various prices and enjoy solving your favorite game. sells electronic crossword games from over 40 stores. It offers all kinds of the electronic games that contain a number of different crosswords, which you can solve in various occasions-while waiting at the airport, at the dentist, or waiting for your appointment.


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