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Creative Second Wedding Invitation Wording

Choosing the correct wording for your second wedding can cause some worry.

 Should you use your ex-husband’s last name or your maiden name? Use your legal name.

If you have officially returned to the use of your family surname then that is the name you use.

To help people keep relationships clear, if your are still using your former husband’s name include your maiden name like:

Sarah Wilson Jones
Michael John Howard
invite you to join them
as they are married

If you and/or your groom have children you may want to mention them on the invitations. There are a number of ways to do this:

Mary Swann Jackson
and her son Robert Jackson
John Phillip Coleman
and his daughter Karen Coleman
invite you to join them
as Mary and John are married
day, date, time

Download Free Printable Modern Wedding Invitation

Modern invitation etiquette gives you a lot of freedom in how you write your invitation. Almost anything goes as long as it isn’t vulgar or offensive.

Formerly a widow remarrying would list her parents or another close relative as the host:

Mr. and Mrs. William Henry
invite you to join them
as their daughter Karen Henry Smith
exchanges vows with
James Karl Gorman

Today however the invitation could read:

Mrs. Karen Henry Smith
James Karl Gorman
invite you to join them
as they pledge their love
and are married

Check here at our site, delightful templates designs and wording samples all of which you can download free and adapt to suit your theme.

Second wedding and family dynamics can cause friction so before you mention creating a new family be sure your ex is okay with this kind of wording:

Janet Molloy Smith
her daughter Kayla
Jason Dean Bennet
his son Michael
invite you to join them
as they join their, lives, hearts
and families
at their wedding

If any of the children will participate in the wedding invite the other parent and his or her new spouse.

Before you print your cheap invitations on the cards, make a copy on plain paper to be sure everything is correct and that the verse you choose from unique creative second wedding invitation wordings collections.