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Country Wedding Invitations - Unique Art

I spent a few days looking for invitations that fitted my wedding. We wanted a country wedding and of course we didn’t want to send out regular invitations.

I found a spot that was quiet and charming surrounded by trees and a pond for a background.

I did some checking and found out I could not rent the spot, so I decided to recreate it in a backyard of my parents home, which was large enough.

I made the pond affect with a dark brown tarp with the sides up to keep the water in and build up the dirt to hold the sides.

It was very real looking. Then I added some plants and some bird’s sounds in the background.

My country theme wedding ideas were met with wonderful complements and the guests were amazed at the work that we put into the ceremony. We dressed in country attire and many of the guests did as well.

After the BBQ dinner, we enjoyed some country dancing and some good country music. The cake was actually a photo cake with some beautiful nature pictures. I loved it!


Ella G., WA

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