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Corporate Christmas Party Ideas, Decorations & Invitations

Corporate party theme ideas are some of the most difficult ones to plan out and they are the ones those need the maximum supplies of good innovative ideas so as to make every strata of people feel good and relate to the event and nobody feels out of the place or anything awkward.

I have been working in a corporate firm for the last five years and this year I was in the team to make plans for our annual corporate party.

I must tell you that all these years while attending this event, I had never realized how much effort runs behind the success of such an event. Being a part of a working culture in the corporate world you might also face such situations or might have already done so.

Let me tell you some little nooks about my own experience of this even management of corporate parties and how we ended up with a great success at the culmination of the event.

We searched through the entire Internet as much as we could and looked for some ideas that would differentiate us from the event of the previous years. We had been hosting this event for years, even before I joined this organization, so we needed more innovative ideas and have ourselves from being marked as monotonous.

We looked into web sites like,,, and many such similar places ad thus assimilated our ideas to organize a successful party for our annual event.


Supplies for food, drinks and music are a must and we had them organized. However, you must agree, that a difference in mood and theme is what was necessary. Since it is an annual event and required a lot of noise and frolic, we banked ourselves upon a theme of “Wild, Wild West”.

The guests were asked to come in this theme attire and it was specifically mentioned in the invitations too! We had made the food and drink counters look like saloons and also prepared a little game arena for air gun shooting and smoky dance floor.

A mechanical bull arena was also placed from a arty organizer who placed a mechanical bull that danced frantically when a person tries to ride on it. It was great fun watching each member riding it and struggling while the others giggled and clapped at the high volume music! It was a truly great evening and we all enjoyed thoroughly and the Wild West theme indeed was a success in every way.

 William Silvestri, Florida

Christmas festivities are not just for family but the merrymaking extends to offices and work places as well. So let’s rock it its party, party, party time! Imagine you are actually enjoying food and drinks with your colleagues. Isn’t this incredible the virus of this festival is so infectious that it carries infection of enjoyment everywhere but it is a good one indeed rather a healthy virus for work environment. If you are organizing a corporate party then few tips are very essential for such get-togethers. There is a discipline in office and this norm should be maintained even if you are organizing a bash for them. Get your budget in confirmation before you make bookings for the party.

If it’s a formal party select a theme let it be a sober one so everyone can indulge in the theme like a classical era. If you are organizing the party on a big scale, than it is most apt to call party planners and get everything in order from supplies to venue décor. There are many themes for loud bashes as well like winter wonderland, casino or Hollywood. And if you are amid the performers who insist on doing everything on their own then hold on! You have a lot of chores to perform. Start with informing everyone about the time and venue for party and then arrange for appropriate decors so that even your boss gets impressed with your arrangements.

Some interesting games like boss for minute, money double with dices or seeking dance partner blindfolded can really add on the missing fun at the party. If the affair is very formal then call professional singers to perform and sing some Christmas jingles too. It would be wise to arrange the party a day before Christmas Eve or Christmas day as most of the people are busy with their families on the same. Arrange some quick and good food options so all can find food to their taste. Wine, drinks, cake and deserts are must so get maximum variety in that section. The favors you choose for this party should be useful for everyone and does not cater to personal needs.

More so all of you can perform a choir for your boss and be more open with him. Remember office parties are fun and mostly include lavish food and drinks with less stress on entertainment section. Like it is said there are more ways to merry making than drinking and food, it is your attitude that makes things happen around!

So speak along to your colleagues – “Merry Christmas”!

Corporate Christmas Party Invitation Wording:

Christmas is time of reflection,

But it is also a time for family and friends.
And here at (company’s name)
We are all part of one big family united around our common goals.
So let’s celebrate this special time together,

This time far from our desks, computers and labs
At our Annual Christmas Party…

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