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Company Policy Email Letter Sample

Company policies are relevant, because they establish the rules of a business community.

They outline the responsibilities of employees and employers as well. If you have a new employee, you need to create and send them a company policy letter.

This is relevant to welcome someone new, and in the same time it is also essential to avoid any issues in the future.

You can lay down the ground rules with a company policy email. The most important information that a policy letter should contain are related to substance abuse, showing up in time, relationships with colleagues, dress code, and so on.

The company policy email letter should not contain all these information: the document with the guide or the policies should be attached to the email. This way the reader can print out a copy and have it at hand if needed.

A company policy email letter should explain the relevancy of the guide attached.


1. Divide the letter into more paragraphs: first explain the reason for the email, then the importance of policies and then offer a solution in case problems arise regarding the email.

2. State that the email you send should be used as the basic source of information for the future time at the company.

3. Point out that reading and taking into account all the policies serves for the well being of each employee.

4. Mention that in the case of questions or unclear things the employee should contact you.

5. When you create the email, make sure that everything is easy to understand.

6. Avoid ambiguity: when it comes to rules, that policies basically are, it is essential to be very clear about everything.

7. Keep the letter professional and the tone conversational.


Subject Line: Company policies of BestTest Co.

Dear Mr. Hopkins,

Please find enclosed the guide for the members of our company containing the policies of BestTest Co. We hope that you will find it useful.

This guide has been created in order to offer you information about equal opportunities, integrity at workplace, employee conduct and other policies and procedures here at BestTest Co. It will answer you most of your questions and communicate your benefits in order to provide a safe and pleasant environment at our company.

If anything is unclear or you have any questions regarding the policy, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to assist you and answer your questions.

Sara Jenkins
Internal Affairs Manager
BestTest Co.