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Christmas Wedding Ornaments to Make at Home

If you are planning a Christmas wedding, one thing you will be looking for is a tasteful favor that will keep your special day in the memories of your guests, for a long time.

You may want to consider giving each guest or couple a personalized wedding Christmas ornaments.

There are dozens of catalogs and websites that offer this type of ornament. Our favorite is Zazzle!

In any case, remember you get what you pay for so be sure to deal only with reputable companies.

First Christmas Wedding Ornament
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Bells are used year round for wedding favors so this might be an option for you.

You can make at home personalized wedding Christmas ornaments, including snowmen brides and grooms, teddy bears, frogs, animals, people and more.

These ornaments can be made of clay, china, etched glass, wood, crystal, ceramics, and even paper. Look on the Internet and compare prices, for these ornaments, to the cost of traditional wedding favors, so that the cost of the favors won’t wreck your budget. You will want to be sure that the ornament favors coordinate with the formality and style of your invitations. Cartoon designs would not be the best choice of favors for a formal wedding and reception. Choose an ornament that you like and would willingly display in your home and you can be reasonably sure your guests will feel the same way.

If you will be a guest at a Christmas wedding, a personalized crystal or silver ornament, would be a lovely gift for the newlyweds. Be aware that personalized ornaments can range in cost from a few dollars, to a hundred dollars or more for certain crystal personalized wedding Christmas ornaments. Christmas is a great time for giving and receiving gifts. It is a season for expressing one’s love towards near and dear ones and also towards everyone in general including strangers. Giving gifts to family members is a joyful time.

And if your wedding anniversary also happens to fall during Christmas time, then it is even more reason for you to celebrate during this time. Every passing year of one’s married life is a time of various experiences. When milestones like the 30th or the 50th wedding anniversary approach, it is a great time for celebration. When marriages are treated frivolously by many couples, and especially when so many divorces are taking place all around the globe, when couples reach 30 or 50 years of married life together, it is truly an occasion to be celebrated. You can choose a 30th wedding anniversary Christmas ornament or a 50th wedding anniversary Christmas ornament for the occasion as the case may be.

A personalized ornament for this special wedding anniversary would be the most appropriate gift. Of course, as a bride and bridegroom, you would have received gifts at your reception party in a hall decorated with beautiful flowers. But after so many years of married life, you really need to give her a special gift. You can choose a 30th wedding anniversary Christmas ornament or a 50th wedding anniversary Christmas ornament for your anniversary. A number of people would like to celebrate this wonderful occasion with you. You need to show the world how happy couples can stay together for 30 or 50 years and celebrate an anniversary of this kind in this day and age.

Ideas For Personalized Wedding Christmas Ornaments

Wedding | First Christmas Photo Ornament
Wedding | First Christmas Photo Ornament by KeepsakeGifts
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If you need ideas for personalized wedding Christmas ornaments, you can look at sites that have wedding decor or look at ornaments and plan a way to make them personal to your wedding. If you have time before your actual wedding day, you can even personalize the wedding ornaments yourself. One way to make the personalized wedding ornaments is to buy some satin balls and use a glitter pen to add your wedding date and names to the ornament. This is one of the easiest ways to give a memory to your guests. The different colors will also make a tree look beautiful. Hang the ornaments on the tree so guests can take an ornament before leaving.

If you do not want to make your own ornaments, you will need some ideas for personalized wedding Christmas ornaments that you can buy.  You can have them professionally personalized by the place that you buy them from or take them to someone that can do it for you. You can have gold flat bells or silver, bells that jingle or even personalized snow globes with a plate showing your marriage date and name. 

Ideas For Wedding Christmas Ornaments

Sparkle snowflakes hanging everywhere from the ceilings adds some sparkle to the wedding. These can be made by hand or bought from a store that handles Christmas ornaments. These snowflakes do add a touch of elegance to the wedding. Add some artificial snow to the floor and you will have a true Christmas winter wonderland for your wedding. Garland with satin blue balls or any color that matches your color scheme adds a touch of beauty to the reception hall. Glass ornaments are beautiful, but they are harder to work with if you are hanging them from the ceiling. You could find some wedding ornaments that can have your name and wedding dates added and give them to guests at the end of the reception.

Tiny Christmas trees can be placed around the hall with lights and ornaments. Choose ornaments that will be easy to decorate the reception hall with and easy to use after the wedding. Some ornaments add to the shimmer of the wedding. Whether you use snowflakes or satin balls, you can display the ornaments in a way that looks beautiful during the wedding and during the reception. Add Christmas lights to the garland and then add the satin balls for a special look.

The snowflakes can be placed around the garland ropes and gives more of a wintry look. Ideas for wedding Christmas ornaments are endless when you think about the different ornaments and ways to decorate. Use some bell ornaments and as the fans circulate, you will have a little jingle going on while the reception is in progress.