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Christmas Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

The ideas for Christmas wedding centerpieces are open to many different types of elegant decorations.

You can have small Christmas trees that are decorated or have some centerpieces with pines cones, flowers and evergreens.

You can have flower centerpieces with candles or you might even have snowballs with a Christmas or wintry theme.

You can design the centerpieces or buy some beautiful ones from a retail store or a floral shop.

Whether you make them yourself or buy them, you can select many different designs for the table décor.

Make a centerpiece around a candle. Add some miniature satin balls and some glitter bells. All you need is a Styrofoam loop with a center hole for the candle. Then you can add the pinecones and the evergreens. Add the satin balls and the glitter bells and you will have a beautiful table piece.

Ideas for Christmas wedding centerpieces include angels with or without lights or candles and a Christmas train with little wedding favors on each car. This is something that is unique. The train cars can be decorated for the holidays and have little gifts for your guests. 

Visitor's Story:

I love candles and pinecones at Christmas time so I decided to create my own centerpieces. So, I went online and found some pinecones and then I bought some white, red and blue candles.

I began my ring by spraying my pinecones with spray snow. After I was done with all of the pinecones, I assembled them in rings with some pine tree branches, which I also sprayed with a little spray snow. After assembling all the rings, I added the candles to the center. I chose some candles with designs in the candle.