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Christmas Theme Weddings

Brides-to-be can always use help when it comes to ideas for Christmas themed weddings.

Weddings around Christmas themes can be so beautiful and intriguing.

Some of the ideas for this time of the year are ski resort weddings with a ski theme or a wedding themed around Santa.

The Santa theme could be the bride and groom dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.

The ceremony could be preformed outside or inside with artificial snow and a sleigh and deer nearby. You could even have a Christmas wedding theme with a wedding around the tree with all your wedding gifts being placed under the tree.

Some more ideas for Christmas themed weddings are fairy tale Christmas wedding themes or themes for one of your favorite Christmas carols. The best song for a wedding theme at Christmas time would be “Deck the Halls” or “White Christmas.” There are so many ways you can plan a Christmas wedding. The decorations for a Christmas wedding are endless and the reception hall can be decorated to match any theme you choose.

Imagine if you can, an indoor wedding in front of a Christmas tree with artificial snow slightly falling over the bride and the groom as they take their vows. The bride could wear a white dress with a white fur shawl to add to the theme. A winter wonderland wedding. The wedding favors could be snowflake name holders or candles. 

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Christmas Wedding Coloring Page 1

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  Christmas Wedding Coloring Page 2

If you are getting married at Christmas, you might even decide to have a traditional Christmas wedding in a church with a horse and carriage waiting outside to take you to the reception. The theme weddings for Christmas can be anything you desire. After all it is your wedding.

Unique Christmas Wedding Ideas

Visitor's Story:

It was even more difficult for us being Christmas time every wedding would appear as a theme for the season. We arranged for a good variety of white flowers for decorations/ White and pink drapes were used for the decorations.

We arranged for candles and used them exclusively for the lighting. A nice fireplace was also arranged and we made it a center of attraction for the guests. Little Christmas stocking were used for the wedding favors containing little gifts for the guests. The scented candles were great in spreading the fragrance and the lighting and enlightened the mood of the guests. Overall the idea for the wedding was unique but simple yet special. For the wedding songs we arranged for Christmas carols to give the mood of the season to the guests as well. A person exclusively dressed as the Santa was present at the ceremony greeting the guests and giving them small gifts too!

Unique Christmas wedding ideas are not all about being expensive and elaborate, simple ideas can altogether make the ceremony very special too. I got the evidence for it during the wedding of my brother and I am sure you too would feel the same.

M. Fitzgerald NY

More Christmas Wedding Theme Ideas

Since most venues would be booked for Christmas, you would need to plan things in advance and book the venues. One great thing about Christmas weddings is that the church would already be wonderfully decorated. This would help you cut down a lot on your time and decoration expenses.

You can maintain a Christmas color scheme for the occasion. Shades of green and dark reds are the most suited colors for the season. You can also be creative and use different tones in the same color scheme to have a unique look.

For instance, you can match red with lime green or wine with cranberry hues for a different mood. Using the same colors on the decorations and the invitation cards if possible can make for unique and innovative Christmas wedding ideas. The floral scent of fir and spruce in the decorations would bring about the aura of Christmas. Carnations along with red and black magic roses would be a good idea too. Instead of using fern and baby’s breath which are conventional fillers, you can go in for springs of evergreen for the bouquets and boutonnieres. If you want to add a wintry theme for the reception party, you can use silver, cream or white in your color scheme. This would be the most matching colors for winter.

When my daughter Amanda and I were looking for the perfect Christmas wedding theme ideas, we decided to make a list of things she liked about the holidays and go from there. Amanda decided she would want a winter wonderland theme, filled with snow, a Christmas tree and lights, and a few poinsettias around the church and reception hall. She had many ideas, but decided that the winter wonderland was what she wanted as your theme for her wedding. I had to agree it was going to look beautiful. She was so excited about this one and she passed that enthusiasm onto her bridesmaids and maid of honor.

Some of the other ideas that Amanda and I had to choose from were a traditional wedding or another theme wedding consisting of horse and carriage, and outdoors. Since we do live in a colder area, I felt people would not enjoy a wedding in a decorated gazebo in the middle of the winter. I knew that we were making the right decision and she was all excited. She started planning the design for the church and I must say she has an imagination for this type of thing. She has fake snow on the list, which means extra clean up at the church, but her two nephews have said they would do it for a low price.

As for her invitations, Amanda chose a white card with a winter wonderland theme from one of childhood memories. I have to admit that these invitations are just beautiful. I know that her wedding day will be special and she is so excited about planning this Christmas theme wedding. I found some of Christmas wedding theme ideas very glamorous and I am just happy that my daughter found one that she just loves. It truly is a blessing to have so many ideas to choose from for weddings.