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Christmas Eve Party Ideas & Printables

You can give a Christmas party with a sit down dinner or with a buffet. Either way your guests will have fun if you relax and spend time with them instead of running around all evening.

You don’t want your guests going home asking one another if they saw you or talked to you any time during the night.

You want them to say “Did you taste the roast?” or “Did you see her dress, I wonder where she bought it?”

This is a sign of a good party. If you want to spend more time with your guests you can have your party catered or you could ask everyone to bring their specialty dish in lue of gifts or wine.

If you want to get your Christmas party catered so you can spend more time with your friends and family, you don’t have to spend a lot of money and you don’t have to have it all catered. You could ask your friends and family to bring desserts and a few copies of the recipe and only have the main dishes catered. You could even cook a few finger foods for appetizers. Not only does this save money, it also puts more good desserts in your recipe books. You might even want to ask a couple of guests to bring mixed non-alcoholic drinks along with the recipes to add to your bar.

Drinks can fall under different categories from kids punch and eggnog to adult drinks. If you are going to have kids at your party and you are going to have alcoholic drinks, make sure the kids are unable to reach them. You might also want to have the kids’ drinks in easy reach of the kids so that they’re not tempted by the adult drinks. If you are going to serve alcoholic drinks make sure you serve and your guests drink responsibly so that everyone has a good time and no one gets hurt. A good way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to serve non-alcoholic drinks like daiquiris, virgin bloody Mary’s and so on.

Games can be fun for everyone. If you want to get to know your guests better play the “What’s your favorite….?” game. One person asks a question like “What’s your favorite food?” and everyone has to answer. It goes around in a circle until everyone has a turn asking a question. You can also play I Spy and Hot Potato with the kids. If there are no kids at the party you could play shots or any other game you can think of. Another thing you can do at a Christmas party is decorate the Christmas tree. This is usually a family tradition in our house. We play Christmas music and have cookies with hot chocolate.

The adults put all the glass ornaments on and the kids put on all the homemade ornaments. With the little kids we make reindeer food and elf nuggets. The elves bring the kids small presents or pajamas on Christmas Eve and leave notes to let the kids know around what time Santa is coming. They love this and can’t wait for the elves every year. There are many ways to have a Christmas home party but don’t stress out about it. With a little planning and a little effort you can have a really fun party for your friends and family. You can have it catered or have everyone bring a dish or you can cook everything yourself. Either way have fun and be careful, this is supposed to be a time of good will and cheer.

More Christmas Night Party Ideas

Knock, knock, who is it? Santa, Santa Claus! When will you open the door I have been standing outside from almost a year? Come on don’t you get it, its time for merrymaking and Santa’s arrival, its Christmas Eve! You haven’t planned a party yet? What are you waiting for, there’s still time to get started. Wear your Santa cap and you will be filled with fun loving ideas for your party. The holiday spirit pumps up natural enthusiasm in people so they can think brilliantly about enjoyment. Think up of a nice theme like romance, angels or Santa’s helpers, and send out invitations to your family and friends.

Décor should be as sparkling as your spirit you can put fancy lights, dangles, ribbons, balloons and bells all over your place. Create effects of snow as if Santa is coming alive in North Pole. Place a Christmas tree in the center with exclusive decorations and a bright star on the top. Arrange all the gifts at the bottom of the tree neatly for your guests, and aha! Don’t forget to hang mistletoe as a Christmas tradition in your doorway. You can also keep party flakes can handy to welcome your guest with snow flakes every time any of them enters the venue. Give this ritual to a child he would just love it. You can place perfumed candles at isolated corners to make the place look heavenly and blessed. Funny Santa caps, goody bags, cookies, party ribbons and poppers can add real fun to the party.

Few engrossing games like hit Santa with a ball, or gather the maximum goodies can be quite interesting. Christmas day means cakes, candies, punches, drinks and yummy chocolates so indulge your guest in food full sins. Apart from all this to roll the party for hit track put some great foot tapping music on the floor, followed only after a few traditional choir singing Christmas jingles. If you can’t make efforts gathering all this stuff for the party, go online and order the most fabulous supplies to deluge into complete Christmas aroma.