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Christmas Theme Party Planner

A Christmas theme party planner can help you with every detail of your party.

They will start at the beginning with you and work until the last guest has left.

The planner can give you ideas about themes, what is needed, a list of cheap supplies and some decoration ideas.

When planning your decorations, you want everything to match the theme of your party.

Planner can help you with the decorating and will have a team of workers come in to set up everything for the party. The planner can even hire a photographer to take pictures of the evening. If you utilize a photographer, you will have the memories to add to your scrapbook and to share with friends and family.

Depending on your theme, you may choose to have a digital disc with music from the party. You have so many things to choose from when you use a Christmas theme party planner. The entertainment will even amaze you, whether you choose disc music or a DJ, you will enjoy your selection.  

However, if you decide to organize your own party, here is some help:

How to Throw Good Christmas Party

 The most important thing is to plan ahead. People are very busy this time of the year with shopping, doing their home decorating, office party, sending out their cards, etc.

Choose a date and send out your invitations right after Thanksgiving. Make sure you ask for an RSVP. Make a list with the names of everyone invited and check them off as you get your replies. That way you know who you have to follow up with.

Instead of having a gift exchange, why not ask guests to bring an unwrapped toy or gift to be donated to “Toys for Tots” or another local charity. You could ask for toiletries from men and women and have everyone help make gift baskets for residents of a local nursing home who are often forgotten around the holidays.

If there will be kids at your party they should each get a small wrapped gift that you can get at a dollar or discount store. Involve the kids in the work of making gift baskets. They can hand items to adults or give each child a selection of items and help them create a gift basket also.

Make sure you have Christmas music playing in the background continuously. It puts people in the mood. For this type of party a buffet type set up for food works best. If you will be serving alcoholic drinks make sure all of the liquor is out of reach of the children. You may want to have a separate dessert table. Be sure to have lots of Christmas cookies.

You can buy paper or plastic plates and cups at dollar and discount stores which are perfect for this kind of party and you have less cleanup.

Play Christmas Themed Games 

  •     Name the eight reindeer (Rudolph is not one)
  •     Give two other names for Santa Claus
  •     What is the name of the little girl in The Grinch Who   Stole Christmas?
  •     Whose birthday is on Christmas (if your group is religious and nobody present might object)?
  •     Why is Bethlehem a famous city?
  •     Name three Christmas songs.
  •     Why is Rudolph famous?
  •     Where does Santa live (my nephew, age three, says “At the mall.”)?
  •     Name all the gifts in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”
  •     Who wrote the poem “The Night Before Christmas”?
  •     Finish the line, All I want for Christmas is_______.
  •     Who was run over be a reindeer?

You can surely come up with questions of your own for this game. You may want to make two quizzes, one for older kids and adults and one for the little ones. The young kids could have adult help. Read the kids’ offbeat answers aloud.

Every young child is a winner and gets a prize. You might have them pick a prize in the order of the most right answers to the least or youngest to oldest, whatever you think is best. There are many ways to play the above game, depending on the ages of your guests. Another fun game for the kids would be pinning the nose on Rudolph or put the beard on Santa. You could use more difficult questions for an adult version of the trivia game. Just remember, if you serve alcohol at your Christmas party, do not let anyone who has over indulged drive home from your house.

Take her keys and drive her home yourself or call a taxi. You want your friend and everyone on the road to be safe.

As you can see, proper planning is a vital part of how to throw a good Christmas party.

 Christmas Party Theme Idea

You could go with the obvious “White Christmas” or “Winter Wonderland”. However we have a few ideas that you may find useful. The theme you choose has to be suitable for the guests that will attend the party. While “Babes in Toyland” may be a great idea for a children’s party, its probably not right for a law firm’s Christmas Party.

A “Hollywood Christmas” party theme may be more appropriate for an adult party, then one for children. This party theme lends itself to games. One has people name a particular holiday movie based on one or two lines from the film. Another would be to have guests answer multiple choice questions about several Christmas movies. The possibilities for games related to Christmas movies are almost endless.

Another fun theme is “A Musical Christmas”. Games could be naming the song after reading just one or two lines. You could also ask the person to recite or sing the last stanza of a particular Christmas song. If your party is for your church group “The First Christmas” would be a perfect theme. The guests could be asked to supply gifts to be donated to a local charity. “Christmas Around the World” as your theme is a neat idea if you have a multi-cultural company employee base. Each guest can be asked to supply an ethnic Christmas symbol or ornament and an ethnic holiday dish or dessert.

A party for families could have a “Christmas TV Specials” theme. Decorations and games could come from Rudolph, Peanuts, Frosty and other kids specials. Decorations and games can get their inspiration from these shows. “A Victorian Christmas”, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” or “A Visit from St. Nicholas” would all make a great Christmas party theme idea.

  Christmas Office Party Ideas

You and your office mates are looking for some unique Christmas office party ideas, hoping to make this year’s holiday party the very best ever. Will the party be held at the work place or at some other venue. This may determine whether or not alcohol can be served at your party. Once the venue is decided you can plan your menu, based on the theme you have chosen. Finger sandwiches and dainty petite fours would be perfect for a Victorian Christmas themed party.

Use lots of candles, perhaps electric, for safety reasons, and velvet bows and lace for decorations. Office parties can present many problems, people tend to congregate with others from the same department, and stick with folks they know. The folks from Accounting don’t mix with, let’s say the Shipping people. To change this have games that require teamwork and create teams composed of people from two or more departments. This way people will mix and work together for a common goal.

Christmas Office Party Games


Charades is always popular. Make teams comprised of people from different departments. One team member draws a slip of paper that has the name of a Christmas movie, song, poem, or TV special. She has to act out the title or phrase while her teammates try to guess. The first team to guess correctly wins the game. Another fun game is musical chairs. Use a Christmas song. This game can be hysterical when folks have already sampled the Christmas cheer just be sure they haven’t overdone it and nobody gets hurt.

Even gift giving can be fodder for office Christmas party games. Play “It’s a Dirty Shame”. Folks sit in a circle around a pile of wrapped gifts. Pull a name from a hat (boy, etc.). That person says her name chooses and unwraps the gift. Play moves to the right. Then next person can choose a new gift or steal the first gift by saying: I’m June and “it is a dirty rotten shame Suzy, I want the scarf”. Then Suzy chooses another gift. The third person can steal either gift or pick a new one, and so on until everyone has a gift. You cannot steal back something that was previously stolen from you.

An online search will yield dozens of hits for office Christmas party games including Christmas trivia. If you are trying to work on organizing a Christmas office party game, you have no doubt become rather confused with some of the ideas that are available. Of course going to the party supply store just makes it even worse with the huge selection of games to choose from as well. With so many games designed for the holidays there is certainly no reason to be down and depressed, so shed your worries and enjoy the next Christmas Eve party. One of the most popular ideas is something that strikes the hearts of almost all guests who are well aware of classic Christmas culture.

Make or purchase a great little trivia game that focuses around holiday classics. For example, picking up a holiday trivia game that centers around movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life” or even “Scrooged”, and “Elf” are great ways to show cheer at the Christmas Eve party and remind everyone of the classic movies of their childhood. Additionally, playing a version of Christmas charades is another great way to get into the spirit and eagerly await the arrival of Christmas Day. There is no reason why parties should be the normal boring routine, throwing some great holiday games into the mix can take a normally boring and awful holiday office party and turn it into the most fun with some great Christmas office party games.

Of course, try to choose something that most people will be able to play. This means, sticking to things that most people will know. Trying to find the most exotic music ever known to Christmas and the holidays and then playing name that tune might find you catching a sour note, so always ensure that you select something that guests can enjoy. Make up cards that have movie characters, foods, specific scenes or even songs. An example would be “Frosty the Snowman”. People could really become creative when trying to depict this movie.

You could plan a scavenger hunt for things found among the decorations. A fun part of this is, if you have balloons, you could put little items in the balloons before blowing them up. This is always a great way to plan the game. Participants can only pop balloons that have what the need. Something a little unusual for an office party is an ornament creating party. Every employee has to create an ornament to hang on the office tree. The supplies for this are relatively cheap and you could have prizes for the quickest, prettiest and so on. The office parties should be fun and relaxed, these are some good ways to allow people to open up.


A Wild Christmas Party

Many office holiday parties are remembered as “that wild Christmas party we had a few years ago.” Usually this means that one or more of your coworkers over imbibed the Christmas affair and behaved badly. Almost all of us have attended such a party, although the incident may vary the cause is usually the same, the consumption of too much alcohol. Maybe the boss hit on a young woman from the secretarial pool or the mail room girl came on to a department head. At one such party that I attended, a rather buxom young lady from the shipping department wore a revealing dress. More than one less than sober male worker came on to her, sending the lady into tears.

If you are the one who has over-indulged you may not remember what happened but trust me you will be the topic of conversation around the water cooler and in the lunch room for quite some time and will be a favorite memory at future Christmas parties. It could cost you a promotion or even your job.
Wild Christmas parties are the subject of TV sitcoms and movies, but there is nothing funny about people passed out at the table or hearing of a coworker being arrested for public intoxication or wrapping themselves around a tree while driving home.

If an intoxicated employee gets drunk at the office Christmas party and hurts someone else in a wreck, the company can be held responsible for any damages. This could not only hurt the company financially but could do damage to your corporate reputation. As the party planners, in addition to finding a source for cheap supplies and decorations, you have a responsibility to protect your coworkers, the company and the public from the results of too much alcohol. Set a 2 or 3 drink limit at your wild Christmas party.

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