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Christmas Theme Party Food Ideas

When you are planning your Christmas theme party foods, you want something that is traditional, that  taste good and look festive.

Depending on what your theme is, you might want to plan a light meal or a buffet type of arrangement.

Some people plan a Christmas movie night.

You could arrange for a showing of one or two traditional Christmas movies and serve traditional foods that go well with the theme.

Although movies do usually have popcorn, you made want to be a little more creative. You could have any foods that you want, but just give them a different name.

The decorations could accent the movies. If you plan to show the movie, “A Christmas Carol” you might decide on decorations that pertain to some of the scenes in the movie. Cheap supplies are easy to find at hobby stores as well as dollar stores. Your foods may even be some of the foods you see displayed throughout the movie. Another theme party may be a Christmas caroling night.

Traditional Christmas Party Food

Christmas Food in United States

When it’s your first time hosting a Christmas Party you might ask yourself “What is traditional Christmas party food?” This depends on where in the world you live. It may even be different in different parts of whatever country you live in.

In the United States, different parts of the country have different foods at their Christmas parties. Everyone has different foods depending on what they like but the favorites are still ham, pork roast and turkey.

Desserts usually consist of pies like apple, mince meat, cherry and pumpkin. In the south pecan pie is served at almost all holiday parties.

Other food that are popular are mashed potatoes, any vegetable you can think of, rice, Yule logs, and sweets. In some parts of the U.S. popcorn is not only eaten but it is also strung on sewing thread and draped around the Christmas tree as garland.

Christmas Food in England

English traditional foods are roast turkey, vegetables and sauces, fruity Christmas pudding with brandy, mince pies and chopped dried fruit. Some of these foods are similar to the food eaten in the U.S.

This is because of the obvious history that we have together. Some of the food is different because of all the different cultures in the U.S. But the basics have still stayed the same. Another contribution that England has given us is pudding that was once called frumenty, which is how plum pudding began.

Christmas Food in China

 Even though the Chinese New Year is more popular then Christmas, this is because only one percent of the Chinese population is Catholic. But Christmas is becoming more popular throughout all of China. China has little history and tradition about Christmas. However most Chinese living in places like England and the U.S. adopted the Christmas holiday and some of the customs and have adapted some of their traditional dishes to satisfy the palates of their new friends and added their own take on western dishes. Cajuns in Louisiana may have a fried turkey, rice is a staple for them and “dirty rice” is a spicy dish so popular that it is served at parties and as a side dish on weeknights. There is never a wrong time to serve this dish.

Plum pudding served with a rum sauce was an integral part of our traditional Christmas celebration growing up in Brooklyn, New York. The much maligned fruit cake is another traditional Christmas party food. With some research you can find a delicious lighter version of the fruit cake recipe. Personally I love fruit cake. I usually buy it by the slice. Mince meat pie is another traditional Christmas food that goes well at any Christmas party. Are you aware that there is no meat in a mince meat pie? It is chopped fruits, particularly raisins and currants.

In the U.S. turkey and roast beef are probably the most traditional foods served at Christmas parties. How they are prepared depends on the region, and ethnic background of the person preparing the food. However if you want to serve roast pork or lasagna, start your own tradition. If you have chosen a new dish, make it for yourself and your family a few weeks before you plan on serving what is a traditional Christmas party food of the future to your guests.

Christmas Food - Comida Navidad


 Mexico has its own culture and its own way of celebrating Christmas that is special. One of the most festive parts of any party in Mexico is the pinata. One of the staple foods in Mexico that they serve at every celebration is tortillas.

These can be made into tacos, burritos, or fried and sprinkled with sugar. Another food that is popular in Mexico is the salsa dish. This dish can be used for all sorts of dishes. Christmas is a huge holiday in Mexico, festivities start in the last two weeks of December and go through January 6th (All Kings Day).

Good Christmas Party Catering Company

          If you have decided to have a Christmas party and you are thinking about not doing all the cooking yourself, you might plan a Christmas theme party, catering and games with the help of a local caterer. There are many ways in which a party for the holidays can turn bad, but only fewer to make it everything go smooth. If the party that you are organizing is for Christmas day, you need to have all that is needed even from Christmas eve.

You would not want to pace desperately from one end to the other, just because your choices for a catering company have not been made properly. Some things can help you when searching for the right Christmas party catering company. We would like to share with you some of them, so next time, your fear of failing the Christmas day exam will recede to a minimum.

First, be sure that the food products the company will bring to the party are fresh and well prepared. If they are not supplying you with the food, and this is something that you want to be left on your hands, buy everything you need a few days prior Christmas day. Also, make sure that all the alcoholic beverages are kept in proper conditions; you do not want them to be served frozen or warm, as that will not make such a great impression to your guests.

Now, when searching for a good Christmas party catering company, reputation is one thing to take into consideration. During your scouting, ask your friends and family which company they tried and how that came out for them. Maybe you will not have to dig too far for a company that is right for your event. If the company you discovered has a good reputation, it is up to you to find out.

Try to see if others have already tried you and what are their thoughts about the service. This way, it would be hard to go wrong and destroy your holidays because of a bad choice. You can even find some catering companies that have ideas for decorations and cheap supplies that will make things easier on you. You do not have to worry about the food because you can just give them the theme and the caterer will provide you with a menu to choose from for the refreshments and food.

All you have to do is make the flyers or invitations and find some exciting games to play. You can use the carter’s ideas for decorations, or find your own. Either way, the food is taken care of. The carter comes in with the food and sets everything up for you. They will arrange the food and stay around to serve it and clean up after the party. You can also have a carter that just does the cooking and food preparation and delivers the food to you, and you have a self-serve food buffet. This lowers the cost of having someone serve the food the entire night. If your wish for a Christmas party is to have fun and enjoy the planning, then a Christmas theme party catering service will work out well.

You can find different services to help with the planning of the meal, but if you have a large group, then catering is the way to go. It can become a big job if you are not comfortable cooking for large groups. Take a look around and find a cater that you will be comfortable working with and one that has a selection of foods that will fit your theme. This will help make sure everything goes according to plan.


Christmas Party Recipes

Your holidays special get together for Christmas can become even more special if you put on top some great Christmas party recipes. As Christmas day is dedicated to receiving friends and family into your abode, you can light the house with special decorations and with traditional foods on the table.

A good source for finding some great recipes is the Internet. There are plenty of websites offering such recipes, totally free of charge, and you can draw your inspiration from there. Homemade food always has a special taste, so, on Christmas eve, you may be required to roll up your sleeves, to put some extra love into the traditional Christmas recipe. It will be your pleasure to see your kitchen filled with people talking, tasting and commenting on your cooking skills. Plus, on Christmas day, when the official party will take place, you will also be the one getting all the congratulations.

The Internet is not the only place to search for recipes. You can actually start by asking your mother what she used to cook on such occasions, or other, older members of your family that are more accustomed with the traditions. You will be amazed to discover how many they know, especially since, when you were a kid, you used to taste plenty of their recipes!

Your friends can also prove to be quite handy with kitchen utensils. Bring in some of your closest friends on Christmas eve and ask them to help you a little, if they have the time. Together, you can create a very tasty traditional Christmas meal to serve to your guests. The special treats will make for the special occasion, and they will all love to eat them. So, there is no need to worry: there are plenty of sources for Christmas recipes and you, too, can be a great cook!

J. J. London

           A web search for Christmas party recipes will yield hundreds of delicious appetizers, soups, main dishes and desserts that are associated with Christmas. You can narrow your search if you enter specific details such as recipes for a children’s party, Italian Christmas recipes or Christmas dessert recipes. Will you have a sit down dinner or will it be a buffet? In either case you need to look for cheap supplies like cutlery, tableware and decorations. I found at least 12 recipes for roast turkey and even more for ham. Of course there are dozens of variations of the green bean casserole. My favorite meat course is a crown rib roast.

Desserts are a huge part of any Christmas party. One of my favorites and very easy to make is:

Candied Citrus Peel:

You use a swivel peeler to remove the peel, leaving the fibrous white pith. Take a sharp knife and cut the peel into strips. Put the strips in a pot and cover with cold water and bring to a boil. Drain and cover with more cold water. Add ½ cup sugar and cook with moderate heat until the liquid evaporates and the peel is shiny. Spread the fruit on a sheet of foil and be sure the strips are separated. Store in a sealed jar in the refrigerator for about 6 months.

You can dip the strips in chocolate for an even richer treat that your guests will absolutely love. Another great treat would be peppermint bark which is made by melting white chocolate and adding crushed hard peppermint candy. Pour the mixture into a wax paper covered cookie sheet and let cool. Break into small pieces. The candy can be stored in sealed containers for several months.

Martha M, France