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Christmas Party Game Ideas

The type of games you play depend in part on the make up of your guest list.

If the party will have both adults and children present, find some games that both groups can enjoy.

Treasure hunts, charades and trivia games can all work across all age groups.

Another thing you can do is have a Christmas card toss.

Ask guests to toss cards into a laundry basket placed a few feet away. The distance can be shortened for children.

The gift box game will have folks laughing. The object is to see how fast you can un-wrap a gift while wearing oven mitts. Make the game more challenging by adding several layers of gift wrap.

Pin the nose on Rudolph can be great fun for children and adults alike. Of course you would need to raise the Rudolph for adults. A draw on your head game asks guests to draw a particular Christmas item (wreath, ornament, Santa, etc.) while holding the paper on top of their heads. All you need to supply is some paper and pens. The results are often hysterical.

Christmas Charades Game

This is one of the funniest Christmas games, good for kids, but adults can enjoy it as well.

 Deal ‘n’ Steal Christmas Trivia Game

Learn a lot about Christmas celebrations while having  a lot of fun!

 Christmas Story Left Right Game

While listening to the story, kids have to pass a gifts left or right, whenever the word “left” or “right” is spoken.

Download Christmas Games at Printable Party

 Rummy Christmas Santa Game

Bring the spirit of Christmas even closer with Santa Cards

Download Cards for Rummy Christmas Game Here!

Another free party game is “Who am I?” This works best with adults and teens. As each guest arrives, a card with the name of a Christmas character (human, animal, plant or whatever) on it. Each person has to find out who or what she is by asking yes or no questions.

The first one to guess his identity is the winner. Pin the nose on the reindeer is a fun game for young and old. It will be hilarious when played by adults who have sampled a lot of Christmas cheer. Children can also play this game but the target, will of course, have to be lowered a bit for them.

Another game that can be played by all ages is Musical Chairs. Kids love this game. Jingle Bells or Santa Claus is Coming to Town would both be suitable songs.

Charades is always a crowd pleaser. Have one team act out a movie, song, etc. while the other tries to guess the answer. Adults and kids will laugh themselves silly playing "Stomp the Balloon". A balloon is tied to the ankle of each guest and everyone tries to pop the other balloons while trying to save their own.

Whether your holiday party is an adult only office party or one for kids at the local community center, you will want to find a fun free Christmas party game or two. Games can be great mixers – getting people to work together and have a good time while doing it.

You can go on line and print out suitable games for your group. There are Christmas trivia games based on holiday songs, movies and kids TV specials. While on line look for cheap supplies.

 Christmas Party Gift Exchange Game

The game “It’s a Dirty Rotten Shame”, is really a lot of fun. There are a number of versions of the game with slightly different rules and different names. Here are the basic rules. If the players all know one another name tags are not necessary. However for an office party name tags can make the game easier to play. Each guest brings a wrapped gift. You will need two decks of cards. Each guest gets a playing card. The host/hostess has the other deck.

He pulls a card and the guest that has that card picks a gift and unwraps it. The next guess may either pick a new gift or "steal" the first one. If your gift is "stolen" you can pick again. You may not take back a gift that was stolen from you and everyone ends up with a gift although it is possible to wind up with the same gift you came with, so get something you can live with, or re-gift the item. Generally the price range is about 10-20 dollars.

Another gift exchange game is called the Right-Left Game. It too has other versions and names. There is a story about the right family – everyone stands in a circle holding the gift he or she brought. The story is read. Every time the word right is read the gifts get passed to the right. When left is heard they move to the left. You keep the gift you are holding at the end of the story. There are other fun gift exchange games available online. Feel free to use any of our Christmas party gift exchange game ideas at your party.



6. Printable Christmas Games Online


   Free Christmas Party Game Ideas for Kids

Jingle bell, jingle bells playing games with friends in hay,
We wait for Santa on Christmas night to appear in his sleigh!

Why is Christmas so enjoyable to children? Innocent angels prepare a huge list of presents and place it on their windows with some cookies and milk to draw Santa to their windowsill. Other than Santa what they look forward to in Christmas holidays is partying, games and unlimited fun on the run.

All children insist their parents on organizing parties for their friends and hence these angels are most pampered with party’s everyday at one place or the other. So even if you scribble party in a note and send it to a child he would gather its Christmas party.

Entertainment forms an integral part of party whether it is meant for adults or children. And you have to include few interesting party games for them. There are several games you can engross your guest with like treasure hunt could be a lovely game, you can make teams hide Joy candy, star, socks, Santa cap and wreath at diverse places in the venue and ask the teams to hunt for these things.

Other than this you can organize some decorations and ask participants to decorate a part of tree in 20 seconds who so ever finishes rapidly could be declared as a winner. Christmas time is synonymous with romance, remember those famous lines “Last Christmas I gave you my heart…to someone special”, and this special person can be searched out with your hearts game. Keep a small satin heart and ask the participants to stand in a circle. Start the music, ask them to pass this heart on to other person and so on when the music halts, who so ever is left with heart will stand inside the circle and game continues.

The second one left with heart will kiss the person standing inside the circle under mistletoe. Children find this kissing and hugging real cute and adults would for obvious reasons love it. You can also order splendid supplies online and make the party more rocking. You have several other games like pin horns on reindeer, place Santa cap and the most enjoyable laugh Ho-ho-ho in loudest tone. The choices are endless but you can’t on with games the whole day so select on two-three interesting ones and get in action with your guest. As they tire serve them with sumptuous cookies and yummy dishes. So enjoy the party and sing corals with friends!

Printable Christmas Bingo Cards For Children

Having a Christmas party for children can be fun but at the same time it can also be very difficult to come up with new games to keep their interest, so why not have fun with Christmas bingo. There are many bingo games that you can play with them and many ways to pay the winners. There are also different ways to mark the cards. For younger ones you might want to use clear poker chips. This way they can see what they covered. You might also want to leave the call cards out so that they can see them, so no one falls behind.

For children that are a little older, you might want to make it a little harder by not keeping the cards visible. You can also play different types of bingo like a cross, a “J”, a “C” or any other types you can think of. You can play with clear poker chips, pennies or even candies. You can use whatever you have on hand, even little pieces of paper, to put on these cards as chips. Teens can play a totally different game by asking them questions about Christmas and they have to answer the question right before they can put a chip on that square. You can even give a gift for the teen that wins the most games.

If you’re looking for something new and fun for your Christmas party that everyone can enjoy and doesn’t cost a lot, then a printable Christmas bingo card for children is the way to go. The only cost to you would be the cost of paper to print the cards on and whatever you’re going to use as chips.

   Free Printable Christmas Bingo Card Template

Download  Free Printable Christmas Bingo Here

You will find that there are many different designs to fit every type of Christmas theme. Getting the cards is easy when you use the free printables. Then all you have to do is buy the little gifts that are awarded to the winners of each bingo game. Even if you print out enough cards for everyone the first time, and more guests show up, all you have to do is visit the site and print out a few more cards.

You have to agree that a site that offers so much help during the holidays is wonderful. The free printable Christmas bingo card designs will fit any type of Christmas party or theme. Whether you are having an old fashion Christmas party or a new era Christmas party, you will find a card.

Printable Christmas Mazes

Mazes are a great example of games where kids put in their intellect as well as interest to solve it. It not only keeps them busy but also holds their concentration and provides good fun too. Apart from my kids, the kids of my sister also visits us during the Christmas season and I make it a point myself to help them with as much of good stuff as possible.

It is really hectic to go on the lookout for these items in a store. I thus rested my finds upon the Internet. Let me tell you about the printable Christmas mazes I discovered online and used to entertain the kids. I searched into different places and came upon a very good web site, the It truly has a lot to offer and is a place where you are sure to find some great printable Christmas mazes. I must tell you that you should take these mazes for your kids as well since these things are indeed very educational and amusing for preschool kids, kindergarten children, as well as even grade school pupils.

Some of the very good mazes that I liked at this web site include “Help Santa”, it is meant to have a nice maze in the shape of the Santa himself and the kids have to move through it to find Santa his reindeer! Another interesting maze I liked for Christmas is the one where the kids have to help Santa go through an angel shaped maze and help him find his lost presents!

This is the “Angel Maze”. Well all the items are special and right there, on display for you. All you have to do is check them out and then save a copy of the one you like in your computer. Then simply print them out from anywhere and it is absolutely free! Your Christmas maze is ready at your hands and absolutely free of cost.These were the interesting facts about printable Christmas mazes that I found out myself and I am sure that you too would just love doing the same and making a great holiday for your kids as well.

Ronald Balas, Morris Plains, NJ

  Christmas Printable Puzzle Online

Looking into nice web sites like or I could find a lot of stuff. The puzzles are available in different category or targeted for various age groups also. I could find some specifically made for kids and some that everybody could participate in.

I even found specific ones made for adults that could keep them engaged during the festive season in some real fun. As many as over a thousand different puzzles were presented to me while I visited these web sites. All these items were unique in their logic and design and they were extremely interesting. I must say that it was impossible for me to look into all of them as the pool of the resources was so big that I could not imagine how much I could manage.

I banked upon quite a few of them that looked really the best among the best and I could check them out and then all I had to do was to print them! That’s it, and all the stuff was right there upon my desk and I could keep them aside for my guests or kids! The best part is all this is absolutely free of cost.

Ronald Wilson, Virginia

Christmas Quiz Online

  Let me tell you about some printable Christmas quizes online that I came across and I am sure you would just love them too! I made a visit to web sites like and and I could find a host of different quizzes. The quizzes are provided in different sets or packs and you can get them printed. The categories of the packs are also made as distinct. The packs are organized as ones specific to home, school or office or any other specific place or group of people. Every pack or set contains about twenty-five to thirty questions with different sets of answers, like four options and some hints. The contestants have to be provided these printed questions and their multiple choice answers and hints.

The session needs to be timed. People would be allowed to answer in certain period of time. Once complete the sets are collected and you get to do the evaluation and then declare the winner. In case of a tie you would have the option of bonus questions. This would act as the tie breakers! As you get to print these sets of question and answers, all you need to do is present them to your guests and conduct the session without any hassle.  .

Alfred Hudson, Boston