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Free Christmas Email Template Designs

For a special occasion you need a special email.

During the Christmas season look for beautiful Christmas email templates that come with holiday designs and images, and send them to your friends and family.

These templates don't cost anything. You can simply download them, customize them and send them out with a click.

Sometimes you have to make an account in order to download the free XMAS email templates from web pages.

Holiday Snow Hills XMAS template

The Holiday Snow Hills is a simple yet beautiful template, which you can find on the website of Design Modo. It has a blue background and snowy hills. You can add the text of the email under a candy cane, and add an image as well. If you have a family photo that you would like to include, you can do it with just a click. The template includes spaces for links as well.

Besides the Snow Hills email template the Happy Holidays XMAS email template is also available on the same website, it has a red background and it is decorated with hollies and red ribbons. Both email templates are perfect for the holiday season. You need to create an account to download them.

Hollies XMAS Template

The Hollie free email template of Send Blaster features all the holiday colors, red, white and green. It is decorated on the sides with hollies, red Christmas bells, gifts wrapped in colorful paper, all in a simple yet beautiful layout. You can add text to the template after you have downloaded it, and even add some wordings of verses.

In order to have access to this free template and more email templates, you need to download Send Blaster. This program comes with 130 free email templates, including the one described above. The program can be downloaded for free, and it can also be used for email marketing.

Reindeer Email Template

This reindeer email template has a white background, with a black background in the upper half of the template. It has graphics of a reindeer in the center in white, with colorful Christmas decorations all around it. This email template is decorated with colorful snowflakes, it is simple yet elegant. It is colorful and it has a holiday feeling.

Under the graphics there are several text boxes that you can use to add the text of the email. You have space on the top of the template to add your company logo or your own design.

This template can be found at Graphic Mail. There are six XMAS email templates at Graphic Mail that you can use for free to send to family and friends.

In order to have access to the Christmas email templates and 400 other email templates at Graphic Mail, you need to sing up for a free account. They offer a free trial, during which you can use any of their templates.

Santa Claus email template

The Santa Claus XMAS email template at Active Campaign is beautiful with a white background with snowflakes, a picture of Santa Claus and some other Christmas related images. The layout is complex, yet easy to edit. This is one of the few free email templates for Christmas that comes with actual photos, and not only designs and images. You need to create an account and sing in if you want to download this Christmas template.

Season's Greetings email template

The Season's Greetings free email template has a beautiful red background and a gold Christmas tree design in the center. The deep red background is without doubt a perfect holiday color: it reminds you on a warm, family Christmas atmosphere, and the gold Christmas tree makes the template very elegant. The design of the Christmas tree is original with its slightly stylized design. There are golden stars decorating the tree.

Underneath the design there is a white space whee you can add the body of the email. This email template is perfect for a company holiday greeting email.

Bench Market has various email templates, including holiday themed ones for Christmas. They even have templates for Christmas promotion emails. In order to use the email template described above, you need to sing up for a free account and try Bench Market Mail and all it has to offer.