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Christmas Decoration Ideas

For some simple holiday decorations there are several things that you can do that are not only adorable, but very affordable as well.

Your party deserves to look great, and you deserve to do it at a price that still leaves money in the bank for some last minute shopping.

Take some empty boxes and wrap them up in bright holiday theme wrapping paper. Get a variety of different sizes and shapes for the boxes and ensure that you put some big bright ribbons on and you have a fabulous decoration that is very affordable and adds a huge touch of cheer to the party.

Another highly popular idea is taking some colorful poinsettias and putting them all around the room. Many people decide to take it up a notch and even look for some different wrapping paper that can even add a more festive touch to the flowers.

Overall, poinsettias are a very popular flower choice for Christmas Eve parties and are available in most traditional Christmas colors making them very easy to blend in.

Looking for some festive dinnerware with pictures of snowflakes, snowmen and other traditional wintery scenes is another great and inexpensive way to inject some life into your party. You can look for a variety of dishes including plates, cups, bowls, and even serving dishes that are all great additions to the party and very reasonably priced.

Your last major decoration piece is a Christmas holidays tradition and that is having at least one sprig of mistletoe. This is a must have for a doorway somewhere in your party area and having additional sprigs of mistletoe just adds to the fun and excitement. While you are searching around for mistletoe, using some fake sprigs is acceptable if you cannot find real sprigs and still gives your party a great touch.

Inexpensive Decorations for Christmas Party

Use old Christmas ornaments and lights to decorate wreaths, porches and stair rails. You might be surprised at what you can find in the dollar stores. They usually have a lot of ornaments, tree trims and garland that you can use. Take a plain single color plastic or glass ornament, drizzle with glue and roll in glitter. You have just changed mundane into stylish. Let the kids make garland from strips of pretty papers. You could use leftover or dollar store gift wrapping paper and it doesn’t even need to be Christmas wrap.

Teach the kids to make snowflakes from plain white paper folded in a four fold card and then cut triangles and squares out of it. Unfold and voila! You have a snowflake. Small toys from fast food kids meals can be tied to the tree with ribbons or string a single glitzy earring whose mate is long gone. It can be clipped or tied to the tree wreath, garland or a present to add some sparkle.

Old necklaces, barrettes and pony tail bands can be taken apart to create unique and inexpensive decorations for Christmas party time. Thrift stores are a good source for inexpensive decorations. You often find some very nice Christmas items that people no longer want but which others looking for decorations might love. Often you can find craft kits that may have been unwanted gifts or purchases that someone never got around to making.

Another source for inexpensive decorations would be to shop the after Christmas clearance sales. You can get some really good deals that way. Old CD’s can add sparkle to your tree or other parts of your house. Cut circles from old Christmas cards and glue the picture over the label, add a ribbon and hang on the tree or hang several at different heights in a window or doorway.

Again at a discount or dollar store, buy a bag or package of bows and attach to the tree and wreaths with ornament hooks or paper clips. You could also glue these bows to the ends of straws or wooden skewers and arrange in a vase like flowers. You could add some artificial greenery. Take a walk and pick up pinecones and acorns and paint them gold, silver or red. Leave a couple natural and display in a glass vase, bowl or an interesting shaped bottle.

Don’t forget the garlands of old popcorn and cranberries. String on button thread and then wrap around your tree or wreaths. Another way to get inexpensive Christmas decorations would be to shop on Christmas eve, right before closing. You may be able to get some decorations at a really good price.

Does your party have a theme? Is it a casual get together or a formal dinner? The answers to these questions will tell you the kind of decorations you will need. If formal you will need to keep your decorations to one or two colors and a fairly elegant decorating plan. If informal any and all of the above ideas will work for your party. You can combine elegant glass ornaments and paper chain garlands if you so choose. Your grandmother would be thrilled that her imported glass bulbs were being showcased on pipe cleaner candy canes made by your kids.

If displayed properly, inexpensive decorations can look just as lovely as their high priced counterparts. Besides your friends and family will be so awed by your creativity, they won’t have a clue or care what your inexpensive decorations for Christmas party cost.

Christmas Party Décor Ideas & Verses

Lights, star, balloon, socks and wreath
Instill life in any Christmas party breath!

As tradition follows great parties are organized at Christmas time and hosts really make sincere efforts to make their office, church or house look festive. Apart from food, decors play a vital role at your party, if you have some specific theme you can simply order supplies from any store as per your theme and make your party a great hit.

For example, if you have a Barbie themed party then Barbie invitations, Barbie tableware, cut outs, decors, a great Barbie centerpiece and party game ideas would fit in with your theme with just a simple click of the mouse. But in general the most essential party decors starts with lights whether it’s your living room or hedge in lawn colorful red and green Christmas lights can illuminate any party. The next best thing at the party is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with bells, balloons, star and wrapped gifts placed around the tree.

You can make use of flower garland for décor or bright wall posters can also enliven the atmosphere. Hang Santa’s cap and stockings at different places in your venue and don’t forget to put mistletoe in your entrance door. There can be lot of variety in decors but it should offer warmth and affection to guests keeping in rhythm with Christmas spirit. With appetizer, food and fun you can make your Christmas party a nearly memorable event till next year!



Often products are as much as 90% or more off the typical price that is charged so you can purchase most of your supplies after the holidays and simply store them until the next year. Regardless of your reason, discount kid Christmas party supply stores have a huge benefit to almost everyone.

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