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Free Printable Christmas Cocktail Party Invitations & Decorations

A party for Christmas may sound like a big challenge for you. And, yet, you are ready to take on this challenge and make it happen!

 If you want more than the traditional holidays party, you may want to try some ideas for a Christmas cocktail party. For starters, you need to consider the idea of a Christmas cocktail party and exactly what it entails.

You will need more than just a buffet, and you will need to have some food that is more on the exquisite side than usual.

The drinks and the food can make the party happen the way that is intended to be and you are the master of ceremony. Here are some ideas that you can try for the menu.

 Some may need to be prepared on Christmas eve, but you can always enlist more help for the preparation, or order the specialties to a catering company. But, in case that you want to try some recipes on your own, some advice won’t hurt a bit.

Parmesan wafers are a killer on cocktail parties, so do not forget to put them on the list. As the main dish, you may want to consider some grilled chicken breasts, previously marinated in lemon juice. The lemon juice will give quite an interesting taste and, if the chicken is served with cocktail sticks and mayonnaise, you cannot go wrong. As drinks, framboise champagne and iced vodka must not be missed. This is a cocktail party, so you will not to serve beer! Let your guests know in advance that this is going to be a Christmas cocktail party.

Leave them enough time to choose their formal wear and send invitations that are in tone with the event. On Christmas eve, you will need to have everything prepared, except for some of the food that must be kept warm – consider the possibility of a catering company to help you with that. You will have a great party and your guests will congratulate you in the end.