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Free Printable Christian Wedding Card Template

A Christian wedding can be of many kinds, but the most traditional ones have a big feast after an elaborate church ceremony.

In fact the most important part of such a wedding happens in the church, when the bride and groom say their vows and are blessed by the priest. All the family gathers to see them.

Such weddings are very traditional which includes the white dress and a formal party afterwords.These seasonal Christian wedding cards are quite lovely because they are symbolic: the bride is pictured as a flower, while the groom as a tree. These cards have a church in the background, which shows the christian aspect of the wedding.

The other type of card that you can see here shows the shape of the bride and the groom with a beautiful Gothic church in the background, which is probably catholic, since there is a cross on the top of the tower. The soft colors give an attractive and elegant aspect to the card.

Free Printable Christian Wedding Greeting Card Template

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