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Children’s Christmas Party Ideas, Invitations and Decorations

 We have several tips to help you plan a perfect party for kids. First of all – who are your guests?

Is this going to be a school, community center, private party or a church affair?

This will determine what kind of decorations, skits and or games that you might use.

A Christmas pageant may not be acceptable at your local public school or community center and Santa may not be popular with some church groups.

Children have short attention spans so you need to keep them busy all the time. Activities should last no longer than 15-20 minutes, or the kids will lose interest. You can enlist the help of your local fire department to transport Santa to and from your party since the reindeer need to rest up for their long trip around the world.

 Children’s Christmas Party Games

If you are planning a church function for children, you may want to start the party with the Christmas Pageant or with the minister or priest reading the story of the first Christmas. Then play some fun games like musical chairs or pin the nose on Rudolph. Then have the lighting of the Christmas tree. Keep the arrival of Santa and distribution of gifts for the Grand Finale.

If you are in charge of your church’s children’s Christmas party there are five essentials, the nativity scene, presents, Santa, games and food. However if your party is in a secular surrounding then you have four essentials, presents, food, Santa and games. At your church party hide the figures from your Nativity around the room, except for the baby Jesus, he should be placed in the scene by the pastor or the youngest player after everything else is found. Give all players a list: Mary, Joseph, three wise men, 2 (3, 5 whatever) shepherds, at least one camel or horse, some sheep, possibly a dog and definitely at least one angel and don’t forget the ox and donkey.

The more pieces that are hidden, the better the chances of each child finding at least one. Ask the kids who found a figure to help someone else. Tell them that as soon as they find a figure they have to bring it to you before they go looking again. When my kids were little all of their farm and zoo animals wound up at the stable working for Jesus.

For your secular Christmas treasure hunt send the kids off searching for candy canes, ornaments, etc. Again have them come back to base with each find before they head off to find more. Again ask them to help others. Play Christmas bingo. You can print the cards and instructions from several sites on the web..

You could play pin the nose on Rudolph. Give each kid a red pom-pom and have Velcro on a reindeer poster. Or they could put cotton balls on Santa for a beard. Cookies, juice and candy canes will be all the refreshments you need. You could read The Night Before Christmas poem and stop every so often and see if the kids know the next word or line.

Play Christmas music in the background or have a sing along. Who cares if someone is off key. If this is a church party you might want to have someone read the Christmas story to the assemblage and have your minister place the baby Jesus in the manger at the appropriate moment in the narrative. Then have Santa arrive in maybe a fire truck or police car since the reindeer have to rest for their long trip around the world.

Here is another game to play – ask the kids to come up with a Christmas item or gift that begins with the same sound as their first name. Carol – candy cane, John – Jesus, William – wise man, etc. It will be amusing to see what they come up with. You could print some Christmas coloring projects and have the kids make an ornament to take home and put on their tree. Or have them twist red and white chenille sticks into a candy cane shape as a present for their parents. They will feel so important and thrilled to give their family a gift they made themselves.

Christmas Gifts for Children:

 Some great children’s Christmas party ideas: ask each child to bring a gift, new or used (in good condition) to be given to a kid who otherwise might get nothing. If you are on a limited budget so look on line for cheap supplies and decorations for your kids Christmas party. Collect toys and small gifts all year round so that Santa has a gift for every child. You could ask each parent to send the child with a wrapped gift labeled simply boy or girl. So that every child present gets a gift. Have several extra on hand in case a few kids don’t bring anything.

How can you end the party in such a way that even the little ones will remember it for a long time? Have someone take pictures of each child with Santa with a digital camera and have them available to the parents for the few cents it will take you to print them. For the grand finale have everyone sing happy birthday to Jesus.

Visitor’s Story:

Make a memorable Christmas party for your kids, by putting into reality these great ideas that we are about to show you! When the holidays arrive, all the kids, everywhere, are buzzing with excitement, especially if Christmas is just around the corner. On Christmas eve, your children will want to know, for sure, how their party will be. If you want to be the best mommy, you will play along with their idea of fun for a party, while you can still stick to one of the clever ideas that work great for a Christmas party for kids.

Keep in mind that, on Christmas day, your house will be filled with children. You will need to prepare the party in advance, if you do not want it to turn into a fiasco. You can start by ordering the supplies that you will need online, for decorations, napkins and other things that you can store up till Christmas day, without too much trouble. You will avoid the shopping fever that comes with the territory and you will congratulate yourself for being so capable.

You will also need some Christmas games for the kids to play. You can go for the usual games they like to play, but some Christmas themed games will work just great. For instance, the kids can play an English game called “Pass the parcel”, in which a candy, or something else good to eat is wrapped up in many layers of wrapping, then it is passed from one kid to another, while music plays – when the music stops, the kid holding the parcel must unfold one wrap, and so on and so forth, until the little sweet treasure is revealed and then shared between the kids.

Another great idea of a game is to hide an ornament that is also a symbol of Christmas and organize searches with the kids, the reward being something sweet. Remember to send out some cool invitations in advance and you will see what a great Christmas party for kids you will be able to hold on Christmas day.

M. Frezado, UT

Christmas Party with Santa Ideas

 What would a holiday party be without an appearance by Santa?  Adults as well as children look forward to his annual visit. If folks have been good all year, Santa may even show up at your office party. He will distribute small gifts to guests. However, I hear that what Santa really loves, is to collect gifts for less fortunate families and children. So ask your coworkers and guests to bring unwrapped gifts. You can target a particular age group or adopt one or two families that are really in dire need.

When Santa comes to collect the gifts, he can usually be persuaded to pose for pictures and may even be willing to lead some games and participate in a Christmas sing-a-long with your coworkers. Supply teams with red paper, cotton batting and tape. Each team must dress one member as Santa. The group that finishes first is the winner. Ask the “real” Santa to judge the best costume. Try to get your local fire department to transport Santa to and from your party since the reindeer are in training for the Christmas Eve marathon trip around the world.

If Santa has already collected the gifts for the needy, you may be able to persuade him to be master of ceremonies at the party, He could turn on the lights of your Christmas tree lights, announce each new activity and listen to the children’s wish lists.Of course if Santa is appearing at your Church Christmas party, he will want to be the one to read the story of the First Christmas to the assembled guests.

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