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Totally Free Charity Mailing Address Labels 

Download and use our address labels for your charity. Find many different labels: from religious, holidays, pets etc...

Charity labels contain words or images that can be used for charity purposes.

For example there are such labels with dogs on them that you can use for a dog shelter, labels with Christian and other religious symbols, hearts, cancer ribbons and so on.

Such labels show to the receiver right away that the envelope they have got in the mail is related to charity. Often such charity letters come from non profit organization such as Children's hospitals, the American Red Cross, or Disabled American Veterans.

You can also have your own customized label for charity if you have a similar non profit organization and you would like to do some fund raising.

If you are soliciting donations, using a charity mailing address label might help. It will make your letter stand out from the other ones and be easily noticeable. Moreover, people will know right away what your charity is about, if you have chosen the right label.

For example if somebody loves dogs, it is very likely that they will open your envelope because they notice what your company does just by looking at the label. This is why it is worth to invest a bit of time and a bit of money into such labels.

Catholic Address Label

Firefighter Address Label

Jewish Charity Address Label

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