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Celtic Theme Wedding Ideas

 In making the entire ceremony happen in the perfect manner the choice of location is very important.

My friend worked out this issue primarily by selecting a perfect venue where people can execute the customs of the Celtic origin and maximize the impact of the theme.

It is also very important to select a right person who can help perform all the correct Celtic wedding vows or interactions of pledges.

He went to get hold of a licensed clergy who was indeed knowledgeable in the Celtic methods.

To make things look romantic they had made arrangements for the Bagpiper to play the traditional Celtic culture during the wedding ceremony.

The event was made really dramatic by making the piper play its beautiful music while the bride and groom walk towards the canopy of the wedding!

Wow, now that is what I liked about mingling of tradition into a perfect theme for a great wedding ceremony.

Indeed the Bagpiper was able to make the celebrations prosperous in the Celtic legacy and institution of marriage.

My friend had also taken into consideration the hand fasting custom that was very popular among the ancient Celtic people. They used colorful ribbons to fast together the hands of the couple as a symbol of the union of the two hearts and souls together. I came to know that often the string or wrap that is used to tie is passed down in the course of the generations of the individuals! Now that is what is indeed romantic and exciting too!

Special care was taken to choose the dresses and the jewelry as well as the wedding rings to represent the theme altogether and the wedding idea was a success. I now thoroughly believe that Celtic theme wedding ideas might be difficult to execute in properly planned manner but if done so, they can be really a great symbol of celebration for any couple.


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