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Download and Print Celestial Wedding Invitation Template

If you are into astronomy, stargazing or astrology we have the perfect hand painted invitations design for you. 

There are of course other web sites that offer free wedding design templates, but we think you will find the designs on our site perfect for your needs.

By now you are probably thinking there is no way that you have the time or talent to make your own wedding invitations.

You have picked your design now you need to choose wording that complements you theme and design.

There are many quotes from poems, plays, songs and movies that refer to the moon and stars which are perfect for wedding invites. Or you may choose to create your own verse.

Imagine how beautiful a printable free Eiffel wedding invitation sample can look. Well if you think the sample is elegant, wait until you design your own. Add your own verse or pick one of the many they have. 

You have given your heart away to him and what better way to share that joy with family and friends. 

The easy to use template allows you to add the verse and the wording to the card and when you are done, just download it and print as many copies as you need.The heart invitation will express your happiness and everyone will want to share in your joy.

The beautiful invitations are a unique design that will be a one of kind, since you customize it the way you want it to look. Many people look around for a wedding theme that will out do all themed weddings. Why not have a medieval wedding theme.

When you see the printable free medieval wedding invitation sample, you will have many ideas about planning your own wedding. Imagine the beautiful medieval wedding dress, your beloved dressed in medieval styled groom’s attire. No one will ever forget this wedding for sure.

Imagine if you can or just peek at the printable free flamingo wedding invitation sample and see how beautiful your wedding invitation could look if you use the template and design it yourself. People are always looking for a template to design things, so why not a wedding invitation with a flamingo. How special is this? The ability to view a sample card before you choose the one you would like for your wedding invite has brides everywhere thinking twice about hiring a print shop to design and print their invitations.