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Campaign Monitor and Free HTML Emails for Marketing Campaigns

With the help of Campaign Monitor it will be easy to attract new subscribers and find more clients.

Not only that they offer software that can build your beautiful email newsletters, but they have more options and tools to use.

You can create a free account to find out all the options you have and try some of the features and services.


Email Templates Main Features:


          The easiest and fastest tool for editing emails online is found on this website. It uses basic HTML code, which makes it easier to edit. If you want a program that is simple and that will save you time, this is the right one for you.

You can have beautiful templates in just a few second here. There are many layouts to choose from that you can edit then. Each of the templates that are available on Campaign Monitor are automatically optimized for mobile devices and all of the email providing services.

Since everything has been tested before, you can rest assured that your email will look good in the inbox of the clients. After designing and customizing the templates you can add your information, text logo and more. There are no design restrictions at Campaign Monitor.

Since a lot of people use mobile phones to check their emails, everything has been made compatible with mobiles. Any template that you choose to design or customize will be automatically optimized for iPhones and Smartphones as well, so any client can read it easily. You can even follow the preview of the template on a mobile device.

How to get started:

There are many templates that you can choose form at Campaign Monitor. You can get started by taking a look at the layouts that you can make a selection from. You can use the template builder to customize all that you need in order to have a high quality professional looking email template that is ready to be sent out. While Campaign Monitor has many designs and images, you can add your own.

Links, images and data for personalized emails can’t be missing either from your email, and the editor assures that you can add everything you need in order to have a professional looking email template in the end.

You can easily import text from your website, upcoming events, blog posts and more without having to type anything: thanks to Campaign Monitor you can import any kind of text ready formatted and looking simply great. This way you don’t have to worry about typing the same thing twice. The email that you will have in the end will be optimized for mobile phones as well, so you don’t need to use two separate programs.

Campaign Monitor offers even more possibilities for those who know some HTML. If you are somewhat familiar with this script, you can edit your email template even in more detail. However, without using HTML you can be sure that your email will look just as great.

Once you are done with the email template, you can start creating your campaign. With Campaign Monitor you can automatically send campaigns to your subscribers. For example every time you make a new blog post or post on your website, your clients can find out about it right away. You can use the automatic A/B testing feature to learn more about your audience and to make your campaign more successful. Other features that you can try after this are the social sharing features and the auto-responders. Both are relevant if you want to maintain a good relationship with your customers.


          You can send campaigns for as little as $9 per month. For unlimited access you can send up to 50,000 emails a month for $299 per month or an unlimited amount for $699 per month. There are many prices in between these two. There is a difference between a basic plan and an unlimited plan.

The basic plan is a low price, and it is great if you need to send one newsletter per month. With the unlimited plan you have unlimited emails every month plus many features. You also get free design and spam test. If you send daily, this is the best choice.

Another option is to pay per campaign. This is great if you only send emails occasionally. The price is $5 per campaign and 1 cent per recipient.

Business Email Marketing Template Samples:

Business Email Newsletter Template 1

Business Email Newsletter Template 2

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