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Free Calla Lilly Theme Wedding Invitations & Printables

I had always thought that the job of a wedding planner is a simple one, but as we sat down to decide upon the wedding plans of my friend I was out of all fuel from my mind so as to decide upon any single idea.

First things first, we needed a good idea for the wedding theme and that is what stuck us up in the midway before we could arrive at any idea.

I was thinking hard and so was my friend and we could not get a plan for a simple yet complete theme that would make the wedding look absolutely fabulous.

Then we arrived upon something known as Calla Lily theme wedding! I was assured that it was a very homemade theme and also had the potential of attracting a lot of invitations.

It marks the feminine extravaganza and majesty during a wedding, as was just the perfect one we could come up with.

A beautiful wedding theme from a woman’s point of view can incorporate a pure and fantastic idea like the Calla Lily theme. With the beauty f the Calla Lily itself to demarcate the sensuality of the flower and the wedding event from the point of view of a lady, this theme is just a perfect one. The beauty of its petals, the shapely leaves, the elongated stalk, all points towards the beauty of the flower and the elegance of the plant in totality. The predominating whiteness of the petals marks off the simplicity and the purity of the entire occasion and thus is a perfect theme.

You must ponder over these points I have just now visited to enjoy the theme even more closely and also identify yourself with every nook of the ceremony! Thus proceeding with this theme we went on with the arrangements. We had the idea of making the invitation cards in the shape of the flower itself and thus the invitation of guests would be able to relate to the theme right from the very beginning.

Calla Lilies can be found in all different shapes and thus can be obtained from the florist to decorate every important corner of the wedding reception. The color of flower can be matched by decorating the walls with a bounty of white drapes and attached with ribbons of contrasting colors to give the grandeur of the wedding itself. Calla lilies were put up besides the lampshades and around the entire hall as well as in the dinner tables in the form of small bouquets as centerpieces! You need to be a bit innovative in these themes and you would have everything right at your own fingertips!

Even the wedding favors were small Calla Lily handmade giveaways and these kept the heart of the theme roll over even as the ceremony was drawing to a close. Indeed you too can take up a simple topic like this to celebrate your feminine existence and your institution of marriage an make the theme even more marked!

So go ahead and make your and your closed one’s wedding events even more special with simple themes like the Calla Lily theme wedding and see how grand they can truly turn into and give every heart a joy.


While talking over with my cousin who is a wedding planner, I came to know some thing known as calla lily theme wedding ideas. I didn’t know much about theme weddings, but his idea that she revealed to me and which appeared to be very homemade and also attracting a lot of invitations by the mere name made me take a deeper plunge into the idea and its knowledge.

From her I came to know that a calla lily theme wedding idea is generally used to put emphasis on womanly magnificence at a wedding. It’s indeed an everlasting theme for a special wedding that can make the event really beautiful. The feminine beauty of the Calla Lily itself signify the theme of the event and its presence in the bridal bouquet makes it even more impressive with its long stalk, beautifully shaped leaves and exquisite petals.

The white color and the predominance of it in the flowers make the purity of the event even more prominent said she, and she herself had made designs of such themes in weddings that mean to look more homemade and yet would attract invitations to enjoy and savor the theme in itself. Different small sized Calla Lilies can also be used to decorate the reception and make the theme more colorful, said as she did in the wedding of Sue, one of her classmates from High School whom she met after a long time since they parted. Images of Calla lilies were incorporate in the curtains, and ribbons, they were also small symbols in the plates that were used to serve dinner to the guests.

Calla Lily indeed signifies a chaste exquisiteness. The white is faultless and plainly splendid and thus completes the Calla Lily Wedding theme idea, with pictures that be downloaded from the internet as well makes the process even more homemade and the invitation cards cal contain these images to signify the theme event more perfectly. Yes I have in reality learn a lot about the simple but exquisite Calla Lily theme wedding ideas and I do consent that it is surely one of the best anyone can look for.


Monica B. B.C.

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