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Free Printable Butterfly Theme Wedding Invitation

A Secret whispered to butterfly is here
Engage me in your wedding theme and
Things will fall in place I swear!

 Ever wondered why do few celebrities who attend almost every happening party called social butterflies?

Well because they are free and love to impress people with their beautiful wings (pun intended).

Butterflies have always been associated with luxury, colors, elegance and style. There is much more to a butterfly theme wedding then just colors and decors.

Well thought-out in one aspect it is a brilliant wedding theme where you will not fall short of color exuberance, favor ideas, accessories and the traditional butterfly release.

One can get supplies from online store right from invitations to decors, drapes, balloons, favors and even accessories for ladies as favors. All concepts in the entire wedding can support butterflies of different shapes and sizes for more theme ideology.

As trends call it you can also arrange a body tattoo person with free service of creating butterfly tattoos for guests. This can very well be of two or more colors. Net butterflies make great hair accessories for women and even diamond butterfly brooches look stunning on men. Apart from being a complete theme its own butterflies can be deluged in spring theme or all flowers theme. They are related with these themes and together would create a magical effect.

A large bouquet with a silver butterfly would make very extraordinary centerpiece in any wedding. Butterflies also symbolize new life or rather freedom for newer directions of life hence the tradition only if you have faith in it should be performed by aspiring bride for a blissful life. Young couples find butterfly theme very enchanting as the brides get sensitive over butterflies and grooms approve as their brides do.

 We offer here exquisite hand painted images, clip art and photographs of butterflies available on wedding invitations. It all depends on your taste and budget.

One couple we know chose a butterfly theme for their wedding. Her dress had a butterfly bodice, her tiara and earrings were butterflies, the favors and even the cake had a butterfly topper.

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