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Your Headline

A business proposal letter can be your way to a great future.

Through this letter you can let other people and other businesses know about your plans and about the services or products that you would like to offer.

It is essential that such a letter is written well, since it can have an effect on the future of the company.

It is also essential that you sound very determined and ambitious in this letter, and that the reader can understand this by just reading a few lines. You don’t want your email to be one of the many which end up in a spam folder.


1. Make the first paragraph captivating, so that the reader goes on and doesn’t stop reading.

2. To use something captivating, think about what people need and what they would like to hear.

3. The second paragraph should be an elaboration of the first paragraph. Here you can explain why your solution is better than other solutions.

4. Make your paragraphs and sentences short and easy to understand.

5. You can also mention more details about the company, its workers and so on.

Business Proposal email template example

Subject line: Business proposal from E-line Solutions

Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick,

Would you like to cut your Internet costs? We know that large companies have huge Internet bills, and our aim is to make these costs diminish greatly. Our services have been proven indispensible for many companies, who after using them have experienced a major drop of  their Internet costs.

We will review your system and improve it by using some methods that have been created after many years of research. Not only that our services can help you save money, but they can also make your system work more smoothly.

Please find enclosed our business proposal. There you will see the details of our services and ideas. We will be waiting for your call. Thank you for your time and we hope you will be one of the companies that we can help out.

Your sincerely,

Audrea Burns
E-Line Solutions