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Bugs Bunny Theme Party

Adults, kids, girls and boys both like Bugs Bunny.

This favorite character from the Looney Tunes gang has a special significance for kids today as well.

Bugs Bunny is funny, cute and smart, and it is suitable for a theme birthday party for kids of all ages.

Party Activities

Organize a Bugs Bunny cartoon marathon for the kids. They will love it, and just to make sure that everyone will see their favorite episode, get all the episodes on DVDs. You can also ask each kid to bring their favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon, and then play all of them.

Organize a Bugs Bunny treasure hunt for carrots. Cut out carrots of paper, each a different size and hide them around the house or outside. If the weather is nice, this is the perfect activity that will make the kids busy for a long time. Draw a map and give clues, and make two groups. Each group gets a map and a set of clues. They have to find as many carrots as they can by solving the clues and following the map. Set a specific time frame such as 30 minutes or more, during which each team can look for the Bugs Bunny carrots. The team that finds the most carrots in the end wins.

Party Decorations

Look for carrot designs online that you can print. You can also use this later for invitations. You can hang these carrots and even create centerpieces out of them.

When you choose the decorations, such as cups, plates, desert plates, napkins and balloons, make sure you get some with Bugs Bunny but also with the other characters such as Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn, Porky Pig, and you can even incorporate other Looney Tunes characters into the party.

Party Invitations

To be really creative and surprise friends, make invitations by cutting out carrot shapes from orange colored construction paper. You can then add the text and information about the party to the back side of each carrot. You will need larger envelopes, but it is worth it! Get orange envelopes to make the invitations even more fun.

Bugs Bunny Party Invitation

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