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Blue Theme Tiffany Wedding Ideas

I was at a wedding for my niece and was just amazed at the blue theme Tiffany wedding ideas she had come up with for her ceremony, reception and the wedding favors.

  Tiffany blue is always a beautiful color, but as wedding theme, it is just so elegant.

She chose a Tiffany blue wedding dress instead of the traditional white dress and the bridesmaids wore a darker blue dress.

The designs of the dresses were so beautiful!

She chose the calla lily for the flowers with a Tiffany blue ribbon that match each color of the dresses.

The wedding favors were so beautiful, it makes me wonder how people come up with these ideas.

It does take some imagination to be this creative. Even her invitation cards were a Tiffany blue with the darker blue just like the dresses.

There was silver on the tables for wedding favors with Tiffany blue ribbons. The wedding favors were silver place card holders, trinket boxes and bookmarkers with a touch of Tiffany. She chose her theme as Tiffany blue and silver, which made a very elegant statement.

The blue theme Tiffany wedding ideas came about because she loves the color. The cake was Tiffany blue with a cake server and knife with a Tiffany blue pearl handle. The cake was Tiffany blue with a white border and silver bows around the layers with a beautiful silver topper.

I would have to say that weddings today are more elegant and magical than when I was married thirty years ago. I just love all the ideas that are available to plan the perfect wedding. The bride was so beautiful and the colors when together so nicely. The pictures tell a story without any explanation.

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