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Free Printable Black and White Theme Wedding

"I believe in sensation and marvel do happen in sight
it’s about my wedding that’s got to be black and white! "

 Red can be fiery, yellow too bright and pink perhaps too soft but when you wish to make a classy statement it could only be done in black and white.

This is not a common wedding theme and is chosen by couples who either want elegance and style or love to be little different from rest of the crowd.

 There isn’t much you can do without colors but still you can make a stunning statement with Satan and Angel tones.

Start with invitations printed on white with black matter written on it. The decoration of the venue can be done in white garlands with white and black balloons.

White table cloths can be enhanced with either white lilies or white and black candles made on order. You can accentuate seating with huge black bows or leopard black and white printed satin scarves.

Men would look smart in black tuxedo and women in white absolutely elegant. You can also have a large black vase placed in center with white orchids placed in it or deviate little from theme and have a red heart placed with two white cupids placed over it. Food can also include some dishes in soya and oyster sauce complimenting theme. Have white colored chocolate boxes with black satin bows wrapped as favors or tuxedo shaped candy boxes. Few couples like sophistication hence deem in magic of white and powerful magnetism of black. Believe us the combination is quite deadly.

If you find making these specific arrangements difficult simply order supplies from online stores and let them do their best in making your arrangement come alive.