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Birthday Wishes and Toast Samples

Sample Warm and Original Birthday Wishes for a Best Friend

Having a best friend in your life is a true blessing, sometimes even better than a family member.
Friendship, like any other relationship, should be cherished and nurtured at all times.

We tend to forget to show our appreciation and gratitude to those we care about the most.

Birthdays are great occasions that give us a chance to share our deepest feelings and thoughts with our loved ones.

Try not to take your best friend for granted, and tell him/her that!

Honestly, I don’t even know how I would have made it without you. There is no one else in this world to whom I would confide my deepest secrets but you. Nobody would understand without judging me, and no one has the gift of listening and patience like you. I can share my pains and my joys with you. Few people can accept somebody’s’ success without being jealous, but you can! I feel truly blessed to have you as my best friend, and I am not even sure whether I deserve it. In any case, I just wanted to tell you that your friendship has enriched my life beyond my expectations.


Happy Birthday My Best Friend!

Short and Warm Birthday Wishes for a Best Friend (great for SMSES or ecards):




We wish you a house at least with two floors,
garden with golden apples
and many children's voices
to bring light to your days in the next hundred years!




Sugar your days for sweetness
and salt them a little bit for taste!
Do not overdo with the pepper,
though it should definitely present in your life!
Irrigate your life with plenty of red wine
flavored with small slices of apple
and a pinch of cinnamon! Cheers!




I wish you to have everything
you can not buy with money,
and money for everything else!




Be good, be happy
walk with stars in the night
and let the laughter never get down
from your mouth.


Happy Birthday Buddy!


Happy Birthday Wishes for a Daughter from a Mom:

As you’ve probably learned by now, I advise you to hand-write original and unique happy birthday wishes for your daughter.

Your daughter would like to hear something from you that relates to her personally. It would be best, perhaps, if you could write to her on a “girl to girl” basis and share some of the beautiful moments you spent together, whether they are the same interests, or the places you both like to go.

While wishing someone a happy birthday, it is a good idea to write a few words of reconciliation if there have been any “tense” or unpleasant situations or issues that have not been resolved. It will only bring you closer and show your daughter that you will always love her and be there for her, no mater what happens. Show her the gift of forgiveness and understanding if she has done something wrong, and apologize if you wronged her. By all means, this is the perfect time to make amends!

Those kinds of expressions build the bridges that bring people closer together. We all know how mother-daughter relationships can get “complicated” sometimes, to say the least! I have a daughter, and I know :-) but it is really up to a parent to try his/her best to “straighten” things up. I’ve seen many times how just a few simple, honest, and meaningful words can work miracles.

So, let your daughter know that you hand-wrote those words on her birthday card and that every single word is specifically addressed to her! Let her also know that for you, the biggest holiday of all is the day when she came into this world as God’s miracle.

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Daughter who is still a Little Girl: 


My little princess, I love your every smile and step; I love you when you are asleep and when you are awake and wild ;-) I love you when you dream and run. I love you when you cry and laugh. I love you today, I loved you yesterday, and tomorrow I will love you even more!

(Can you please stop wearing my shoes when I am not around :-) - you may break your little legs!)




Of all the dolls I ever had, you are the one I love the most! You are my precious angel!

There is no princess castle beautiful enough for you; there is no chocolate cake sweeter than you are!

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Wishes for a Teenage Daughter:


I could not imagine a better gift from Heaven than you, my little darling. Watching you growing up gives me the biggest pleasure of all. Even if God asked me what kind of girl I wanted, I wouldn’t be able to describe such a wonderful, good-hearted, and beautiful
child as you have been.


My dear, before I knew it, that lovely little girl grew up to be an even more lovely and beautiful young lady! You think I am kidding you? No, today I would like to forget your “fits” and “mishaps.” We all have them ...and girls more than boys (to be honest). On your birthday, I wish that you will have a daughter exactly like yourself :-) (Tread carefully here; you might be risking your life, so I don’t suggest you write this if you are not sure that she can take it!)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for an Adult Daughter:


To be your mom and your friend is the most beautiful role of my life. Your understanding and support were always important to me and gave a very special meaning to my life. On your birthday, I want to acknowledge that to you and to tell you that I am so grateful that you are my daughter. I never said that before; you know how I am with words, but today I decided to tell you, my dear daughter, that I am so proud of you! I love you dearly, and I praise the Heavens every day for the gift of you!

To write more special birthday wishes for a daughter from a mother, please use these samples and just change the names and events to suit your needs!


Birthday Wishes for a Daughter from a Father:


We all know how special father-daughter relationships can be. Though many men dream about having a son and doing all those “guy things” together, the truth is, if a girl is born to them, they are instantly charmed and powerless over the little girl. She becomes her father’s princess and freely rules in her little kingdom.

So, I assure you that on her birthday, she would love to get a personalized, handwritten card from her father. Remind her of some very special moments you two shared. She would be thrilled!

To write more special birthday wishes for a daughter from a mother, please use these samples and just change the names and events to suit your needs! 

Birthday Wishes for a Daughter from Parents:


As I said before, it is good idea to write happy birthday wishes separately, just to emphasize the special nature of the relationship that each parent has with the children. I would suggest, however, that at the end you add just a few words and sign the card, “Your parents.” It is very important for children to see you united at all times (even if you are separated or divorced).

Here are some samples:


You are our dream come true! 



To our daughter, we wish many, many healthy foods and even healthier laughs. (If she likes junk food)



There is no other angel girl like you!



If there is something better than life,
If there is something more beautiful than the sunrise,
If there is something more pure than dream,
If there is something stronger than love,
Let it be forever yours.


All that I wish you is:
Health, because it is necessary;
Happiness, because it is important;
And love, because it will save the world!




If you wish to write just one happy birthday wish for your daughter please use these samples and just change the names and events to suit your needs!