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Birth Announcement Email Template

A birth is wonderful news to you, and it is something that you should share with family and friends.

To help you get started, use a birth announcement template to create your own email.

Most birth announcement are sent by regular mail with beautiful photos or postcards, but it is easier and cheaper to just do it online.

Usually such an announcement is short, and it has some poems or a quote that fit for the occasion.

It is also nice to surprise the reader with the photo of the newborn baby.


1. Include a photo of the newborn baby. Everybody will be curious to see that.

2. Add the full name of the baby.

3. Use a short wording or poem that you add to the email. The wording can be something like We share the joy of the arrival of... or we welcome to our family... Be creative!

4. Include the date when the baby has been born.

5. Look for some short poems online to include into the letter. Something that rhymes and something fun is the best choice. If you are creative, make one up!

6. It is also customary to include the size and the weight of the baby into the body of the email.

7. You can choose a background color for the email, such as pink if it's a girl and blue if it's a boy.

8. Add your names at the end of the email.

Subject Line: Birth Announcement of MaryAnne

“Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
A Perfect Little Smile and a Button for a Nose “

We joyfully announce the birth of our baby girl, MaryAnne on the 28th of  April, 2002 with 7 lb.5 oz. 16 inches.


Danielle and Mike