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Bench Market Mail and Marketing Email Templates

Claiming that they offer the best email marketing tool and in the same time newsletters and invites as well, Benchmark is trusted by a lot of companies and businesses worldwide.

You do not need to worry about your emails anymore, whether they look good or whether they will have any effect: Bench Market Mail can assure you the best.

With the help of Bench Market Mail you will have it all in your hands.

Here you can also find one of the best and most easy to use marketing email template programs online.

This software lets you fully edit email templates, just like you would your own blog. It is also available for a free trial.

Main Features:

          At Bench Market you can create beautiful emails easily. Besides this there are also many other possibilities that this site offers. If you decide to use Bench Market Email, you can have a closer follow up after sending each mail. While email marketing can be effective, without the right tools you cannot know how many people have read the emails and what the effect of your campaign was.

With the help of Bench Market Mail you can target specific audiences, reach out to specific markets, and manage or upload lists of clients. After all this you will be able to track everything easily and know what is going on. You can even see who clicks on certain links that you include in your email. If somebody decides to share what you have sent, you will also be able to see it.

All the email templates are designed to look professional. They are grouped into various categories, such as education, entertainment, press releases, holidays, industry, seasonal, bank templates and more. You should have no problem finding the right template. Most people who use Bench Market Mail create professional newsletters.

Using Templates at Bench Market Mail:

          It will be easy to use the templates that this website offers. You can use similar software that you would to edit a blog. This way customizing the templates will not take long and it also won’t make you annoyed. You can add your logo, photos and text, and the email will be ready to use. In the same way you can also change the fonts and the style to make the email look just the way you want it to.

To see all the templates and find out how much you can really do with them, sign up for the free 30 day trial that Bench Market offers. Until that feel free to browse among the categories of beautiful email templates. There are 400 email templates that you can choose from.

How to get started:

          You can get started at Bench Market Mail by singing up. However, if you want to see what they have to offer first, look through the sections of email marketing, email templates and more. You can look through the categories of email templates. They are divided into groups according to what they can be used for.

For example there are email templates created for restaurants, that are great to promote a dish, a new menu, or something else. Since the restaurant business is so competitive, using these fabulous templates will help you get more clients. There are also dozens of templates just for email promotions. You can preview each email template before you sign up and decide to purchase something.

You can also directly go to more elaborate marketing tools, such as the mobile email marketing. The Bench Mark iPhone App can make it possible to do email marketing right from your phone in a very easy way. You can also view the results of the marketing from the phone, send videos, and use simple iPhone exclusive templates.

The email marketing of Bench Market Mail offers further options that you can try. Once you have chosen a template, you can use the list management tools to separate your target audience. Then the email campaign is ready to go: you can customize the templates with the easy to use drag and drop editor and schedule your email campaign. You can see the results by the email tracking and reporting service that this website offers.


          Bench Market Mail offers a free trial that you should take advantage of. There are also some free templates that you only have to sign up for. There are various package prices that you can choose from. With only $ 9.95 a month you can send up to 600 emails, send multiple campaigns and have email and phone support.

You can also choose a list based price offer, and with the lists size of up to 600 contacts you can get a deal for $11.95. You will also have complete feature access. If you have a big company and you wish to target more people, you can send up to 150,000 emails per month for $399 per month. With this package you have access to everything on the website.

Sample Email Templates for Newsletters

Business Email Marketing Templates:

1. Business Newsletters Color Blue:

 Business Email Template 1

Travel Email Template

Business Email Template 2

Business Email Template

Business Email Template 3

Business Email Template

Business Email Template 4

Food Business Email Template

Business Email Template 5

Education  Email Template

Business Newsletters Color Purple:

Business Email Template 7

Finances Business Email Template

 Business  Newsletter Color Dark Red

Business Email Template 8 (Special Offer)

Special Business Email Template

Business Email Template 9

Business Newsletters Multicolor:

 Business Email Template 10

General Business Email Template

Business Email Template 11

Newsletter Business Email Template

Business Newsletters Color Grey:

Business Email Template 12

General Business Email Template 2

Business Newsletters Color Brown:

Business Email Template 13

General Email Marketing Template:

Outdoors Email Marketing Templates:

Outdoors Business Email Template

Eco Email Marketing Template Sample:

Ecological Business Email Template

Travel Email Marketing Template Sample:

Blue Template with Thumbnail Destination Pictures:

Traveling Business Email Template

Blue Template with Cargo Ship Drawing:

Shipping Business Email Template

Multicolor Special Travel Offers Email Template:

Travel Business Email Template

Happy Birthday Email Templates:

Multicolor  General – Balloons:

Birthday Email Template 1

Happy Birthday Business Email Template

Multicolor Cake Business:

Birthday Email Template 2

Cake Bakery Business Email Template

Pink Purple Cupcake Email Template:

Birthday Email Template 3

Pink Cupcake Business Email Template

Education Email Template Samples:

Simple Green Webinar Email Invitation Template:

Webinar Business Email Template

 Investment Email Template:

Multicolor Financial Adviser:

Invesment Business Email Template

News Email Template Sample:

News Business Email Template

Personal Email Sample:

Personal Email Template

Entertainment – Party Newsletter Email Template Samples:

Orange Kids Party Email Template:

Entertainment Template 1

Kids Birthday Business Email Template

Multicolor Music Entertainment Email Template:

Entertainment Template 2

Music Email Template

Real Estate Email Template Samples:

 Real Estate News Newsletter Template:

Real Estate Email Template

Open House Email Template:

Open House  Email Template

Religious Email Template Samples:

Christian Newsletter Example:

Christian Email Template

Bishop’s Newsletter:

Religious  Email Template

Restaurant Business Email Template Samples:

Catering Company Newsletter Example:

Restaurant Business Email Template

Festival Menu Special Newsletter:

Food Festival Business Email Template

Seasonal Email Templates:

Spring Email Template Samples:

Green Spring Campaign Newsletter:

Spring  Email Template

Green Pink Spring Promotion Newsletter:

Spring Promotion Business Email Template

Summer Email Template Samples:

Brown Summer Sale Marketing Campaign Newsletter:

Summer Business Email Template

Summer Flowers Marketing Campaign Newsletter:

Summer Business Email Template

Fall Email Template Samples:

Brown Fall Marketing Campaign Newsletter:

Fall Business Email Template

Winter Email Template Samples:

Winter Promotion Newsletter Color Blue:

Winter Business Email Template

Winter Promotion Newsletter Color Blue:

Winter Business Email Template

Sports Email Marketing Templates:

Golf  Email Template

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