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Batman Theme Party

You can recreate Gotham with all its superheroes in an easy way, and whether you have a little girl or a little boy, they will enjoy this party.

Batman, Robin, Catwoman, the Joker and all the other characters are the favorite of many boys especially, and girls as well.

Batgirl is very popular among girls.

This is why if you have both girls and boys coming to a birthday party, this is a good choice for a theme.

Party Activities

Get some comic books and Batman cartoons. These you can find at any comic book store or a video store. You can begin and end a party with a batman episode, and give each kid a comic book. These are also great as favors.

If you have the possibility, look for a Batman impersonator. This is especially a great idea if the kids are younger. Children between ages 2 and 8 love impersonators, and they would be excited about spending a day in the company of Batman. Make sure you have a camera to take photos of the kids with Batman.

Party Decorations

Get a bat signal. This will be the coolest thing during the party. You can get a bat signal for example from the internet, but you can also look in party supply stores.

Batman party kits that you can buy include Batman theme tableware, centerpieces, and hanging decorations. They also have balloons featuring Batman that kids of all ages love. The nicest balloons come in different shapes, such as the bat shape or the shape of bat mobile.

You can also get some capes for the kids to wear during the party.

If you want to make the rooms look more like Gotham city, use a lot of lights. Dark colored decorations will also set the mood. You can also easily cut out batman symbol shapes using black paper and scissors. You can use these to decorate the table and the room. Make a banner that says Welcome to Gotham city, and hang it over the door.

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